Sunday, March 28, 2010

an update on my life

So, Jill told me she only looks at the blogs of her friends who actualy write things. so i figured maybe i should write more than once a year. its almost time for General conference again, which is very exciting. i will be having a big conference party at my house. hopefully someone will show up. i think i am smarty- smarty that threw a party and nobody came. that happens alot.
any way- update on my life. Still working for Uncle Sam and Aunt Iris. dont really like it, but my boss is very nice. Nickolai is doing very well these days, as vanessa has started walking him twice a week. I started skating again. my coach is from Finland, and she is awesome, so i amgoing to learn some finnish too.
at christmas time i spent it working on my HHR, so i drive that around alot. other than that, i had a lot of church stuff to do, but then i moved to the YSA branch i am supposed to be in, so now i dont have a calling again. I actually miss my callings- i liked them. i liked being on activities committee, and i liked visiting janai and trisha. I miss all my friends in the other branch, but it saves me 40 min every church activity to go to the one close to my house. who knows what will happen. i still think it was the right idea for me right now. well here's some picks. now you are all up to date on my life. Not dating anyone. i have a roommate. i live in bremerton, wa now. and i enjoy my friends here, and miss everyone from lithuania, latvia, and utah.
oh, also last week Jill and Toni and myself took a ride the duck tour in seattle, then went to hard rock cafe. we had a blast. the pic is from that.
this saturday, i went with Janai to the temple for initatorys. it was very peaceful and realaxing. i love the temple. what a peaceful place.