Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life is good, even if it hurts sometimes

so last week was really horrible. I got injured skating, I had my heart broken, and then things got better. so now life is good. yesterday i got injured again skating, but this time it was just banging my knee on the ice. Last week I hit my head, and due to my pony tail my head bounced and i had whiplash. my neck still hurts just a little bit, but its a lot better than it was. my knee will be fine. I still dont like my job, but I can tollerate it. I used to have a job I liked, but it wasn't in the right location. I moved, so I had to get a job I didn't care for in hopes of getting a better one, then the ecomony tanked, and i have been waiting ever since. but i went to an indian restaurant today in seattle, and it was really good, so life is good.