Thursday, October 28, 2010

updates, and ferry commutes

so, I am still working hard to make it to Salt Lake for Nationals in April, but first I have to pass my bronze free skate. I had a few injuries that held me back, but now i am going to hit it hard. I need to get my spins, especially my backspin and then we are there.
also I am getting really frustrated with my 2 hrs of commuting everyday, becasue i cant practice as much as i would like. Today was our skaing club hallowen party, so i left two and a half hours early so that i could skate for really- half an hour. but i also played off ice and had a blast. it was a great way to wind things down.
Yesterday I did a 20 min Jackie Warner Core excercise video to help me so i can center my spins better. That woman brings pain!!!! but hopefully results. i am going to try to update this weekly from now on, so hopefully someone follows.
peace out- mandi