Tuesday, November 2, 2010

election day

happy election day to all! So today is the day, that as us citizens who haven't forfit the right, and who are of age, get to have a chance to express how we want our country to be directed. It may seem to some that it is pointless, and washington will do what it wants any way, but my mom taught me, if you don't vote you don't have the privilage of complaining when reps don't keep their word. Now, i believe it does make a difference to vote, and that one ought to do so prayerfully and inteligently. But even if you don't believe in voting do it any way or don't complain. I am most glad to see this campaign season come to an end. I am sick of relentless negative and childish campain ads, pestering picketing sign holder's, and unexpected canadits turning up with news cameras to shake my hand as i stumble half asleep off the early morning ferry commute. It was nice to see that my elected official is about my hight, as we all know that that is a very important quality. However, i voted by mail- as we do here in washington state- two weeks ago, and i no longer care at this point who shakes my hand, as i can't vote for you now any way as they don't let you change your vote if you already mailed it in. So you should have caught me two weeks ago, and let me have peace this morning in my semi comatose state. Any way, i must add that one of the things i really prefere to living in washington state, over utah, is that all registered voters get their ballots by mail, and i don't have to wait in the long pulling lines. However, the draw back on that is, it seems to me it would be way more likely to have voter fraud this way. So good job utah for being less lazy so that i have more faith in my vote counting. Also- those i voted stickers were awesome. We don't get those here, so i guess i will have to be my facebook status, but i should have done that two weeks ago when i voted i suppose. Any way- go vote! If you don't i don't want to hear you complain about politics, because yo didn't speakup at the appropriate time. Happy voting to all and to all a good election night.