Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Great Olympic Road Trip: Day 2

Well, Its been tough to finish out writing about this road trip, because I am in the middle of moving, but I decided  its best to do it before I move. So here goes... 

After sleeping in my car all night, I woke up  in a stuffy crowded place and realized I really had to pee, but I couldn't find a way to get up because, well really my car could have been wider for sleeping purposes. Some how, I did get up finally, grab my shoes and flash light and stumble down the wilderness path to the restroom. When I got back, Toni kinda started to wake up. So I had a quick scripture study, then I went to the tent to change, and Toni went to the bathrooms to change.  Before she got back, I managed to mostly disassemble the tent. =) 

mand vs tent

So, tent down, packed, we jumped in the car and decided since it was 8 am to skip the rain forest, Skip church in Forks, and go for Sol Duc and church in Port Angeles.  So we headed to Sol Duc first, and got there at about 9 ish.  and went to the springs, well up until I saw what sort of posh commercialized prison that natural beauty was trapped in, so in a fit of rage I decided we'd just hike to the falls. (for full rant on why I feel it is wrong to take a natural thing like a spring, and make it into a resort type water park and fence it in, you will have to talk to me in person, because Toni got an hour ear full and I wont put her through that again). 

We hopped back in the car and drove to the trail head. It was actually a pretty cool hike, and I really enjoyed it, apart from my ranting.

It was a really gorgeous hike, and  I highly recommend it. We got out of there just in time to drive to church in Port Angeles and take a half hour nap in the car before hand. Now, as far as church, we just went to sacrament meeting, and it was full of really good talks. But I have to complain and only one lady smiled at us, and the Bishop shook our hand and said hi but that was all, didn't ask who we were, where we were from or anything. and worst of all two Elders were there, its there job to notice new people and say hi, and they looked at us, made eye contact, and didn't even bother to say hi. FAIL Port Angeles. I know its awkward people, but at least say hi and introduce yourself to visitors and make them feel welcome. the caliber of talks mostly made up for the cold reception.  

After church we headed down to the Dungeness Spit. we were going to do a relaxed sight seeing hike. we got down to the spit, Toni just took a rest while I walked about a half  to a quarter mile and then gave up. it was an interesting land form, but it was raining, I was tired, and sand is really hard to walk in. 

                                          The Dungeness Spit.  5.5 miles of sandy walking to a light house

Finally ( I think at this point we were done mentally and physically and ready to just be home) we visited two farms in the lavender festival. they were pretty. I didn't know so many forms of lavender existed 
                                           out of all the lavender in the fields, Provence smelled best to me

well, with that, we headed home. we spend one hour stuck in traffic in sequim, and then got home and unpacked and took the rest of my Sunday. that was my great trip. It was a lot for two days. I think if I did it again I would go slower and cover less, because there is so much more at all those places to see. go check it out sometime. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Great Olympic Road Trip : Day 1, Stop 5/6/7

Stop 5/6/7: Mora/ Rialto Beach/ La Push/ Forks, WA

Now we come to the most beautiful part of the journey, WOW and STUNNING come to my mind. We drove on down the 101, till we hit the 110 just out side of  Forks. Another half hour down the 110  and you arrive at either Mora or La Push depending on if you fork off the 110 at a certain restaurant spot.  We did not see this fork , as Toni was asleep and woke up just as we drove passed it, and I started talking to her and didn't see the sign. don't blink, or you will miss it.  So next thing you know I see signs for third beach , second beach, and finally a sign that we were entering the reservation and have to obey res ordinances. It was Quillayute days, so it was cool. we parked kinda where we could see first beach, and looked at the food stands and festivities. It looked awesome, I was starving and really wanted some smoked salmon, but  I was afraid if we didn't get over to Mora soon we wouldn't get a camp site. So we passed a dozen smoked salmon signs and  headed back to the fork about 10 minutes up the road, with a promise to soon return.  We got there, quickly found and paid for our camp site,  and set up the tent as a place holder so no one would try to steal it. 
 By this time, we were absolutely starving, and we noticed the restaurant at the fork. It also had a sign for smoked salmon, so we went to this very touristy spot. Only pictures can do it justice. 
Toni and Jacob Black

We risked vampire danger

not only was there a menu, there was a whole twilight section of the restaurant

No kidding, A whole park of Jacob Black themed cabins to rent

I straddled the treaty line

So, I got a veggie burger, and clam chowder, Toni got a regular burger, and tater tots. we shared the chowder and tots, and I have to say, despite this place looking like a massive tourist dive, THE FOOD WAS AMAZINGLY GOOD!!! so I recommend it. after we ate, we went to leave planning to go back to La Push, but it was raining like crazy, so we decided to go past camp Mora to Rilato Beach, 3 miles from our camp and very nearly at La Push any way. Only a small river separates the two. We were just going to check  out the beach, then go back and go to sleep because of the buckets of rain. Honestly I think it was God doing us a favor so we would check out something uniquely awesome. As soon as we got to the beach the rain quit. 

The scene was beautiful. The ocean was amazing, the fog that was on the beach just added to the majesty. There were many amazingly beautiful rocks there, very smooth and polished, but with great colors and flecks. I really wished my friend Julie Fahlsing was there to tell me what they were. I tried to take pictures, but she couldn't get enough information from the pictures to tell me more about them. I guess I will have to go back and collect some samples sometime. There were these amazing rock faces and islands out in the ocean, and the waves were huge!! there were massive trees lining the high tide area of the beach, we had to carefully crawl over them as they were quite slippery. It did smell quite bad. Later we found out that that was because of a dead seal on the beach. and for some reason there was a yellow foam washing up on the beach that we couldn't figure out what it was. I think this is also best told in photos.

Rilato Beach in the fog

Pretty Rocks =)

Dead Seal, partially decomposed

After that, we headed back over to La Push since it wasn't raining. We checked out first beach on closer inspection. It was stunningly beautiful.

First Beach, Quillayute res, La Push, WA

We listened to a comedian go on for about 6 minutes of toilet humor- literally,  and looked around for a bit, and headed off to Forks. All we did in Forks was look at the High School, and then we went to Thrift way (AKA Twilight central) and bought food for Sunday, a flash light, and for Toni some souvenirs. We headed back, Changed, threw our bags in the tent and set up my car to be slept in. It worked good, but could have been wider. And as well fell asleep to the constant booming of celebratory fireworks from La Push, rain fell gently on the roof of my car and I drifted off into some much needed sleep, closing out Day 1 of our Great Olympic Road trip.  Tune in next time for Day 2, Sol Duc rage and Lavender festival.

My Great Olympic Road Trip : Day 1, Stop 4

Continuing on our journey, Toni and I next began our venture into the the land of glittery vampires, Native American werewolves, and well, a lot of touristy traps... 
Dazzled by Twilight store in Port Angeles, WA                                                               

Stop 4: Port Angeles
We left Port Townsend and followed our way through to Sequim passed many lavender farms, some of which we will talk about later. It had been crazy rain most the way, but as we approached Port Angeles the sun decided to momentarily come out and an interesting phenomena happened, the water began to evaporate off the streets at a very rapid pace creating a more steam than fog like mist rising off the streets. This very much hampered my visibility in driving, so that was kinda lame, but it looked extremely awesome. We failed to get a picture. Our first stop in Port Angeles is on the road to The Heart of the Mountain/ Hurricane ridge , but it is just the road there, we never went to Hurricane Ridge so still to this day I have yet to visit that wondrous place. Instead, we just stopped at the rangers station on the outskirts of town. It was a supper cool station, with like Jaw bones and rock type stuff to look at, free maps, and the MOST helpful ranger I have ever met in my life!!! they were awesome. the lady ranger at the service counter helped me and a few other travelers determine the best National Forest camp site to shoot for getting a camp spot at, It was not Sol Duc, it was Mora, which I had had as my intended destination since Sister Gibbons recommended it and said how beautiful it was. She was right. the ranger checked, no reports but due to rain, and lavender festival, and the fact that there are many camp sites there, she said it was a pretty safe bet. So we left the ranger station, and returned to Port Angeles for quick site seeing. The ranger even told us where we could find the twilight store.
 I learned on this trip, that Toni is odd, but I love her any way. Here is why she is odd, She hates Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, and anything of the kind,  but  she really likes Twilight. That is the complete opposite of the vast majority of my friends, but I love Toni for her unique opinion. so, Still in a foggy mist, we headed back towards town,  to Dazzled by Twilight. Well, I just typed the address from the ranger into the GPS and followed the sound, but when we got there, and saw the store, I couldn't really see the street signs indicating it was a one way street, so I decided to turn left and pull into parking right by the store, but as i turned i noticed there were a lot of cars heading towards me, and no lane for me to be in, quickly i pulled to the parking spot, flipped an u turn, and course corrected. Toni and I were a bit shaken, me more than Toni, as usually I am a fairly good driver and things like that don't happen, but we just found our parking spot and  because I was shaken it was quite a ways away, so we started walking and saw this cool scene 
The steamy fog that caused my poor visibility, but made for beautiful scenery

After that, we went to the crazy twilight store, full of sparkles and it was fun enough, and then we got in the car and started driving to La Push.  We drove past one of my favorite spots on the planet, and just took pictures but didn't stop. Lake Crescent, between Port Angeles and Sol Duc on the 101.  It is always the most beautiful blue-green water, and so placid. Today it was more dark blue, but parts of it were the pretty green. It was over cast. 
If I could I would live out here. I love this place!!!

End part 2.. trip to continue.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Great Olympic Road Trip : Day 1, Stops 1-3.  Please check out this link to a map as a visual reference of my trip.

My friend Toni  &  me.
So, last Saturday at about 9am my good friend Toni came over, and we were supposed to leave on our road trip. Item number one of our intended stops was some kayaking, but it had been raining like crazy and was still drizzling. We decided to play it by ear. I unfortunately was no where near ready to leave. I needed to take out the garbage, finish dishes, and change clothes just in case we did go kayaking.  We ended up actually leaving at 9:30 am, after about five trips back into my house (my poor dog was really confused if I was coming or going, or taking him with, we did not take him with  a friend took care of him). 

Stop 1: Poulsbo, WA
The first place we stopped is very near my house, and one of my favorite places on the planet,   the Poulsbo waterfront area. I took Toni on a quick tour of the charming little Norway in my back yard, and continued to debate the possibility of kayaking. After the rain picked up again, we gave up on that.  So I wanted breakfast, so  I took Toni to Sluys Bakery right there on the waterfront. I don't remember what Toni got, it was good, but I got a Viking Cup- wow!! sugar!! and I got some cheesy bread, which we ended up (by we, what I really mean is I ) living off of on Sunday.  Toni was charmed by the town, but we forgot to take pictures, mainly because I go there all the time, and it was too early, I think.  with that we headed off, and out of town, but I took a different road than normal and got completely lost!!! so some how I found a familiar road and we took some sort of back way and ended up driving through Port Gamble, which was nice, I wanted to do that.  Then we headed over the Hood Canal bridge. I love that bridge ,the water is pretty there. Toni thought so too.  well, once safely on the other side,  we decided that since we couldn't go kayaking, we may as well go to Port Townsend and check out a few things, but on the way I saw a sign that said "Mystery Bay" and I was like "I've never heard of Mystery Bay, that sounds exciting!!! wanna go?" and Toni was like, "its a road trip, that's what we do, we explore, lets go" so we took a detour. 
Star fish at Mystery Bay, WA

Stop 2: Mystery Bay and Fort Flagger
It was a quick stop, but a fun one. A long drive out, we thought we had passed it some how, but eventually we came to Mystery Bay. I had Toni pull out my newly acquired state parks Discovery pass so we could park (you now need one or to pay to park at state parks in Washington). There were many fishermen out, and it was an absolutely gorgeous view.  Toni and I walked down by the bay and  took a look. Toni commented that she didn't see any fish or anything, and then I noticed two star fish. I pointed them out and I got so excited. "that's the first time I have seen a real  live star fish" I exclaimed.  "me too, said Toni, and by real I mean not a Sea World one" that is also what I meant. so we took a picture. Then I decided since we were definitely not kayaking I would change back to my jeans from my cargo shorts. I changed in a park  toilet, it was the smelly kind, but I changed quickly.
light house at Fort Flagger
 Then I asked Toni if she liked historical things like forts, she did, so we went to Fort Flagger. We took a quick took around, but we didn't stay long, we were getting hungry. 

Stop 3: Port Townsend/ Fort Worden 
So, before I left on my trip, My bishops wife (who is Japanese and is awesome) told me that her brother worked as a chef at a sushi place in Port Townsend, its called Ichikawa, and since Toni loves sushi, we decided to go there for lunch if it was open. It was, and Sister Stoner's brother was there and cooked us lunch. It was loads of fun. I enjoyed some of the Edemame and California rolls that Toni ordered mmmm, delish. there were fish eggs on top ,and it was my first time eating them and I thought it was good, crunchy, and very interesting. I ordered a Bento Box, which was like a massive mystery sampler platter. Very good, well what I got was. The biggest entertainment here though, was the fact that there were just chop sticks and no forks. Toni tried to teach me to use chop sticks. It took a half hour, and was hilarious, but I got it down good enough to eat my salad, and everything. I loved most everything on my plate. the tuna was my favorite, yellow tail was the most interesting, and despite giving it a second try I still don't like eel. I like the flavor, but I can't handle the texture.  It was a blast. we took the left over Edemame and I ended up eating it with cheesy bread  on Sunday.  
Mandi Marquardt masters chop sticks

After lunch, we happily drove off to visit one of my favorite Forts. Since we didn't have all day to explore all the Bajillion forts and batteries, we just walked down by the beach and light house. Toni saw a pretty snail shell on the way, she commented then was going to kick it.  she stopped when she realized there was a live snail inside.  I  have a lot of memories at Fort Worden, so it was very interesting to visit there again. It was grey and cloudy and the second Fort of the day, so it didn't take long to decided that we were done, but that one day it would be really fun to stay at either Fort Worden, or Fort Flagger in  the quarters there. 
a battery at  Fort Worden, Port Townsend,WA

our friend the snail
 Well, that concludes stop 1-3, stay tuned for the rest of the journey =)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Service, The greatest joy and fun one can have

So, Monday nights in the singles ward we have what are called "Home Evenings" this used to be called "Family Home Evening" but now that title is reserved for real families on Monday night, and our groups in singles ward  drop the family part to rid us of the odd cultural traditions that originated in College and Singles Wards in Utah of having "Family Home Evening Mom's and Dad's" or group leaders as they now are know. Usually these are fun enough, and a nice way to spend a Monday evening, but yesterday we did something special. We did service for one of our friends, well, two, me and the other person. We went to our friends house who is having a rough time right now, we weeded everything ( and found a dead rat), we cleaned out a garage (which I then was able to move some of my stuff in to store - thanks friend), and because of bug damage, we got to destroy some stuff in the back that was ruined, so it could be taken to the dump. it was a blast. Everyone said it was one of the best Home Evenings ever, they loved it, they had fun, and we all grew closer together as friends talking while we worked. Truly some of the best moments we have in life come about as we serve one another. here are some pics. enjoy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Singles and Self Marketing: Am I Date-able?

occasionally I have days, Usually when I am sleep deprived and feeling particularly unattractive, where I ask myself questions like am I date-able? or am I marriage material? I think this is a question all single people ask themselves every now and again, hopefully not super frequently, because you should really not over dwell on that, but it is a good thing to consider every now and again if improvements in your character and personality can be made. 
I had this confirmed tonight as not just a girl problem when a guy friend of mine (not who all you out here are thinking I promise, it was a surprise one.) texted me to ask if he was Date-able.  In conjunction with this topic, a few days ago I had a discussion with a friend about how sometimes I feel like I spend all my time and energy having fun and socializing, and I wish I had something of more importance to do with my life, like take care of cute little kids of my own. 
 My friend at this moment chose to point something out to me, and that is, if I want to get married and have kids, then right now I need to be having fun, socicalizing, and developing talents so someone wants to marry me. basically she said, I am doing what I need to, and publishing it on facebook and in blogs is really a form of marketing. Previous to that I had mentioned a conversation with another friend. Last week this other friend mentioned how people like to make up stories and talk about her and her personal life, because she doesn't share that with them. 
What I learned in my studying of political science is that interacting with others is politics, whether it is trying to get something you want from someone else, trying to convince the opposite sex to date you, or marry you, convince people to be your friend, or to not be friends with your enemy (if you have enemies, I don't), or just trying to get people to spend time with you, or help you do your calling and give a lesson, all of it is politics.
 we need conflict resolution skills just as sharp as the U.N.,  We must do P.R. as great as any ad agency. I must be as good a spin doctor as any politician on The Hill.  If I don't want people to fill in the details of my personal life with those they imagine, I must give them enough to satisfy human curiosity, but not so much as to  be TMI, and then they will leave me alone. If I want someone to date me, or be my friend I must present myself as such a person as people enjoy spending time with. now, all of this may seem a bit fake, but in reality you can be your total real self, and be honest, but you do not have to show your whole self to everyone all at once.
 Being single you must master self-marketing, putting forth your best qualities, and improving upon them constantly so that they are seen, and taking your worst qualities, and editing them out of your life, and your strange qualities that you want to keep, and keeping them only for your VIP club of most trusted friends and associates, because if you want to keep those qualities, the person who you marry, and your closest friends will have to love that part of you, but sometimes its best to take your time and see if they can be trusted with those most sacred parts of your personality, rather than "casting your pearls before swine"  this is my observation this week. 
So my single friends, good luck, as my friend told me that night, being single is a part time job. time to forget yourself and get to work, and go have fun till you drop, just make sure you post it on Facebook, so those nights you went to things even though you wanted to stay home, sleep, and be a hermit are not in vain. But remember, the most important thing is to become like the kind of person you are looking to marry, to become like the kind of people you want to be friend with, because as it says in Doctorine & Covenants 88:40 " For intelligence cleaveth unto intelligence; wisdom receiveth wisdom; truth embraceth truth; virtue loveth virtue; light cleaveth unto light; mercy hath compassion on mercy and claimeth her own; justice continueth its course and claimeth its own; judgment goeth before the face of him who sitteth upon the throne and governeth and executeth all things."

Saturday, July 9, 2011

bonus round: You know you've watched too much SG-1 when....

as a bonus top five today, for my nerdy friends. I am on season 3 of SG-1, so here is a top 5 for you.
You know I've watched too much SG-1 when..
5. I start referring to people I do not like as Goa'uld and my friends as Tok'ra.
4. While watching Thor, I think of the Asgard as cute little ET type aliens just posing in human form.
3.Since the Star Gate could be used for time travel, I wonder what would happen if the SG-1 team ran into the Cybermen on one of the planets.
2.I get supper excited because Daniel speaks Russian. Are you soviet spys? Nyet!! ha ha
1. I ponder skipping out on a date (that was really awesome by the way) to watch the part 2 episode of SG-1 season 2 finale/season 3 beginning.

Five Ways I Know Its Time for a Road Trip

I can tell that it is time I go for a road trip and get out of this place. I really need to. So I hope my road trip with Toni happens next week or I may explode. Here are five ways I can tell that is true

5. People start cancelling activities on me that I was supper excited for, and I am only mildly disappointed for a minute, then I am relieved that that means I get to stay home and pack.

 4. Friends invite me over for a movie night. I watch the first ten minutes of Harry Potter and then fall asleep on their couch till they kick me out at 4 am.

3. I hear about drama in the ward, and honestly don't care that it exists at all, and don't care to put any effort into making it stop or go away- which usually i can't stand it, and have to get rid of it some how, or pretend it doesn't exist, but this is a whole new level. I know it exists. I don't care, If you wish to hold stupid grudges about dumb things, that's your problem. I just want a vacation. (maybe this is a benefit and I should keep it?)

2.I have days where I tell people I will punch them in the face if they wake me up on the ferry, stair at me, or are over the age of 20 and are acting like an idiot. (some of you will remember this from my FB status earlier this week). and then I actually go around telling people they are being stupid, and I wont tolerate it. Also I unfriend ex es on FB. who maybe next? if I go on a road trip we will never find out, and that is a good thing.

1. There is an out door camping type activity that all my friends are going to, and I would rather just go on my road trip with Toni even though it means I don't get to see some of my favorite people and I will undoubtedly miss out on some new experience to laugh about with them.

This is a bit whinny I know, Sorry, but I REALLY NEED TO GO ON A ROAD TRIP AND GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rebreaking Bones

So, interesting thing, if you break a bone, like say your arm, and  you don't get it taken care of properly, like set properly, or if you take it out of the cast too early, you may have to go back to the doctor and have the bone rebroken and reset. Someone at church shared a story about this a few weeks ago, how he got impatient and what could have healed in a month or two ended up being a major problem for over a year.  Today, I learned that dating break ups can kind of be the same thing. If you don't set the break properly, you'll have to re break it later, or it will never heal. So my ex is back in town, and started texting me again, and I was a bit irritated because well, mainly I wasn't sure that he got the point that I wanted to stay broke up, that it was a permanent decision, not just a while you are out of town thing. so we had  a conversation about it. unfortunately via text, which is less than ideal, but strangely we were able to communicate and understand each other better than the face to face months ago. it was painful all over again, and i said basically the same things, but he was more awake this time, so maybe that is the difference. I don't know, but I guess I have learned a valuable lesson, though I hope I never have to break up with anyone ever again,I hope I can just marry the next one.  I probably will have to break up again, but next time, I will try to make sure the break is set properly so it doesn't have to be rebroken and reset, which is painful and awkward.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Defensive Dreaming 101: lesson 1

Yesterday, I had a dream while I was napping on the ferry. Basically what happened was that I was dreaming about sleeping on the bench seat on the ferry, which I was actually sleeping on. But in my dream a man came and sat in the seat across from me. No big deal, that is normal, so I went back to sleep. a while later ( I don't know how long, dream time is funny like that and you never know how much has passed) some other man came and sat on my feet and woke me up. My first response was to really scuz him off, then I decided that perhaps the boat was full , so I moved my feet to the ground, and tried to go back to sleeping. I was exhausted. Only problem was that this creepy guy sitting at my feet was stairing at me!!! so I turned to him and said "you quit stairing at me! and if you don't, or if you try to pull anything I will punch you in the face!!!" at that point I woke up from my dream and told a few of my close friends about it via text. One of my buddies, Brielle, told me we should have defensive dreaming class. She always gives me good ideas, so I decided to go with it. so here is your lesson 1 in defensive dreaming.

Close your eyes. Maybe put on some Enya, that always helps me to relax. picture yourself in a normal non threatening enviroment, maybe a park in the day time, or the airport. sorry no, scratch the airport, that may be too tense, go with a nice park in the day time. imagine yourself walking along the beautiful paved path, surrounded by green grass and trees and flowers. stop and smell a flower if you would like. but be mindful of your surroundings. Behind you is a park bench, on the park bench is a blanket and some old clothes, and next to it a shopping cart. clearly this park is inhabited by homeless people. so just be aware of that, homeless people can be nice, but sometimes they can also be druggies and can be crazy, so just be aware.  over by a tree you spot a very intoxicated male about age 45,  he approaches you, and tries to hit on you.  what do you choose to do? are you polite and try to converse? are you smart and just try to get away? He tries to grab you what do you do now? do you yell for help? do you strike?  think about what you would do in this circumstance. this has been lesson 1 of defensive dreaming. you may now open your eyes, and go on with your day, better prepared for situations that may arise in both dream and reality. Have a blessed day. =)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Five awkward things to hear on a date

5. I once went on a blind date where the guy took me to watch belly dancing, the entire time the guy that asked me on the date kept asking "Do you think belly dancing is soft porn?"

4.A friend of mine just went on a date to see the Green lantern. Thinking of a ring of power, a while after the date she said "you know, I think I could really use a ring." she then pointed to her married ring finger. the way she said it sounded more engagement than super hero. ;)but she ment super hero.

3.after a 10 mile hiking date guy to a girl "ew, you're really sweaty."

2.A friend of mines sister went on a date, the guy didn't open the car door for her, so she folded her arms and stood and waited for him to come and open the door. after a minute he walked over and said "oh sorry, I forgot to pray." He offered a quick prayer, walked back to his side of the car, and completely missed the point.

1.MORP at Snow College. I was on a group date and one of the guys, not my date, said with his date present, to me, "oh, she's my date. I thought you were my date." then to my date "wanna switch?" a very brutal snowball fight then ensued.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Top Ten Fireworks of My Life

ok, in honor of the 4th of July, I will attempt to rank and list the top ten fireworks I have had the privilage of watching in my life.

10.Hooper, Utah, Grandma's house. 1982-2004. I loved going to my grandma's every year, we were in Utah, so private fire works couldn't go very high, but we always had so much fun lighting them off. it was great family bonding time!!

9.Weber State University, Ogden, Utah, 4th of July 1997, went with family, and Laetitia, our exchange student from France. they were pretty good fireworks. traffic after was horrible.

8.Siauliai, Lithuania New Years Eve 2005. confined to our apartment, watched from the balcony, they were decent.

7.Hooper, UT 4th of July- Hooper city fire works. I grew up on these, and every year they were like magic for me.

6.Kleipida, Lithuania New Years Eve 2004. We were confined to our appartment for safety sake, but Got to watch the fire works from our balcony. They were pretty good.

5.The Space Needle, Seattle WA New Years 2010/11.(its hard to decided what year to put this on, but this last new years. Great music in the back ground, and fire works springing out of the space needle. pretty cool, even if there was a lot of people smoking pot around us.

4.The Gross house, Poulsbo, Washington. 2010/2011 4/3th of july. I really cannot say which year was better. Last year was awesome. so was this year. this year, however I got to watch from a hammock with a nice warm guy by my side, so that was extra nice. photo from 2010.

3.Lac D'Orient, France, 1998. It was Bastille day for one, but also the French had just won the world cup. It was my first time seeing fire works over a lake, and it was beautiful. sorry I've no pictures.

2.Vashon Island, July 4th 2009.
they had a barge out on the sound, I was on a beach. you could also see Tacoma and Seattles fireworks. it was like surround fireworks, and it lit up the boats that were out on the water, so pretty. pictured below


1. Halloween time, Disneyland Oct. 2007. amazing shapes, excellent music and sound effects to accompany, over the cinderella castle, so the mote water reflected them!!! spectacular spectacular!!!

Why I have "G&N's" not "besties"

Those of you who know me well, know that nothing quite grates on my ears like finger nails on a chalk board more than the word "besties" look at it!! its one letter away from being "beasties" you want to call your best friends something that can so easily be turned into an insult!!! yuck!! what kind of friend are you? the kind that can very easily transition to a frienemy!!! that is why I ask my friends to use G&N. I use it for them too. its a wonderful phrase. G&N comes from Abraham 3: 22-23. 22 "Now the Lord had shown unto me, Abraham, the intelligences that were organized before the world was; and among all these there were many of the noble and great ones;
23 And God saw these souls that they were good, and he stood in the midst of them, and he said: These I will make my rulers; for he stood among those that were spirits, and he saw that they were good; and he said unto me: Abraham, thou art one of them; thou wast chosen before thou wast born."

I read this one day, and I realized something, first, best friend, besty - these are all very exclusive and limiting terms. But Noble and Great ones, wow there is a limitless number of Noble and Great friends you can have. God had noble and great ones, so i figured, why can't I. My friends that I know are most loyal, are most uplifting, they are all noble and great ones, and anyone can rise to that position by be noble and great.
Now, you may ask, if G&N means noble and great ones, why did you switch the N&G, shouldn't it be N&G. well, it was for about 30 seconds, then I said it wrong and realized i made a cockney rhyming pattern and went with it. a cockney rhyming thing is like something they do in parts of England, where they take words that rhyme with the words they sound like and use them as a replacement. a few examples : Dog and bone = phone. Adam and Eve=Believe, Bacon and Egg=Legs ex. She has such long bacons. look it up. there are some fun phrases that come of this.

so mine Noble and Great, i want to equal friends, but that doesn't rhyme. but If i flip it around Great and Noble, and then abbreviate to the first letters, G&N = friend. ok the d messes it up a little, but close enough. So if i ever call you my G&N, now you will know what it means, and know that it means we are tight. so peace and love to all my G&N's . i love you guys =)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Growing up at Olympic Village

Today I went and paid my last rent check at Olympic Village apartments. I am now in my 21st month living in the same place, my longest residence since I left for college over a decade ago in 2000. I was remembering today when I decided to move here from Vashon Island. My parents were in town visiting, so I took them with me on my search for a place to live. We looked at some houses in Bremerton, and at these appartments. It was outside my ward boundries, and I didn't want to do that, but it seemed like the best deal, and the best place for me. There was a 89 camery parked right next to a 2007 HHR and my dad took that as a sign, as those were my curent and soon to be current cars. Also the name Olympic Village, I was moving here partly to be able to skate more, and growing up I have always had a passion for the Olympic games. Becasue of this and other reasons, I moved here, and a few months later, switched Wards and Stakes to match where I lived. Little did I know that this choice would infact change my life. In this ward, living in this complex, I met people, friends that helped guide me out of the post-mission wandering and darkness I had fallen into. One year after I moved in here I met friends and people that have impacted my life so much, I shall never forget them. I have become the greatest version of me to date, from a two years ago, probably one of the worst versions of me. I am now at another cross roads. I am moving out, I will stay in the area, but I dont know where exactly I am moving to, but I have changed. For the first time in my life, change does not scare me, the future brings me no sense of fear. I know the true friendships I have formed here are eternal and I do not fear to loose them, I wont. I am ready for the next great phase of my life, and the work that is in front of me, and as I prepare to say goodbye to Olympic Village, I am greatful that I was able to grow up quite a bit here, and finaly realize what is truly important in life, and what is not. What makes me happy, and what never will. Wherever I go from here, I go on to greater things, I have much more to learn, and I am excited to learn it.