Monday, October 24, 2011

I love My Home Evening group

You know, sometimes I really under appreciate them, but tonight I realized just how much I do love my Home Evening group. They are all so fun and interesting, even when I feel pretty crappy they make me smile. I learned alot about how homogenized milk is useless crap today for one, and  that Jake can have a crazy imagination and if he is ever in charge of a haunted house I am not going there because I would never recover. Bottom line, I love me group. I learn so much from them and at a minimum am  very entertained for an hour and a half on Mondays. and we had a decent spiritual discussion. I encourage everyone everywhere to discover the joy and amusement that comes from having Family Home Evenings, and If you are a YSA in a ward or branch with home evening groups, I encourage you to attend. You never know what you may gain from it.

When I'm sick, I sleep on the couch. When I'm not I sleep in my bed.

I just woke up from a five hour nap on the couch. I came home from work today, as pale as a ghost and feeling very weak and nauseous.  The second I walked in  the door I grabbed a blanket and passed out on the couch. I vaguely remember two other people showing up at various times to walk my dog for me, which I was grateful for because he kept dropping a Frisbee on my head ever five seconds. 
 At one point when I woke up I kinda realized something, Except for very rare occasions I sleep on the couch when I am sick. You'd think my own bed would be more comfortable and preferable, but no, if I am sick, I want the couch. I think it comes back to when I was a kid,  my mom always had us sleep on the couch when we were sick so that she could have easier access to helping us (I think, I don't really remember but this makes sense.). 
Now my mom is no longer here to help me but sleeping on the couch is closer to the kitchen, if I need water or something, but further from the bathroom- so that's a draw back. My own bed wouldn't have woke me up when people came to walk my dog, but if someone came without their own key I could easily get to the door to contaminate them.  I still like sleeping on the couch when I am sick. Its somehow comforting.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"When You're My Age, And Not Married Yet..."

I will never forget when I was about 20 years old, and going to Snow College, in Ephraim, UT (GREAT school by the way, I highly recommend it to anyone), there was a 28 year old New Zealander called "Pup" (yes, that was a nick name). Pup was, well, Pup was a hottie by any definition of the word. Brilliant green eyes, muscles upon muscles and that accent! Whoa! yeah. I was way interested in him, but way too young for him. So I tried to set him up with a similarly aged cousin (at least maybe we could get some good genes like that in the family, yeah?). During Said attempted Pup said something to me that I have NEVER forgotten. He said "When you get to be my age, and your not married yet then there is something wrong with you" 
   To Pups defense, for those of you thinking that is horribly cruel thing to say about yourself or anyone else, when you get to be my age (3 months from 30), and  you are still not married, well I think at least subconsciously you have to have thought that about yourself at least once.  Now, I just realized I had done this about myself the other night. Usually I remember Pups words when I am starting to go on dates with someone that seems to be interested in me, and I begin to question about the guy- Hold on a minute, you are nearly 30 and not married, why? there has to be a reason, am I missing something that is going to sneak up and bite me in the butt later?  I think it is good to be a little cautious, but I don't want this question to make me constantly run away or nit pick myself eternally out of marriage, but  I'll be honest, I do ask myself that question about people. 
 In all fairness, I realized while talking to a friend last night, I do the same thing to myself. So its fair. You see, when I am certain and my friends confirm a guy seems to really like me, I ask why. I mean, I know I am supremely awesome and super talented and all that but why do you like me so much when so many others did not?  and then the root question finally comes out- If I am this old and not married, surely you must realize that   
there is a reason in fact that I am not married yet? right?  well, it sounds harsh, but its true, there is, or in my opinion, was,  a reason. I have worked on that reason and feel I am nearly ready now, just lacking the man. 
 I am an extremely honest and open person, so I will tell you why I am not yet married- I saw too many bad marriages around me growing up. Too many extended relatives in abusive marriages, too many marrying cheaters, and beaters, etc.  and on top of it I heard some constant criticisms  and people in marriages that have stayed together and are relatively "happy" marriages constantly tell me for as long as I remember that they had made a mistake and wished they never had gotten married to whom they did.
 All of this persuaded me that  I had better be extremely cautious in choosing someone that I believe I will be married to through out all eternity. I am still cautious, but now it is within reason, and I have come to believe that marriage can be a good and happy thing, and is now something I actually desire, where as until about eight months ago that was  very defiantly not the case if I am honest.  
 What I came to realize talking to my friend last night, was that alot of people ask the same question- why would you be interested in me? is this a game?  and also Why are you so old and still not married?  With the increasing numbers of us older singles, I think its important we recognize why we are at where we are, but also realize that there is a balance, and no one is perfect. Just some food for thought, on an old thought that keeps returning to my head. Pup, I don't know where you are or where you went, but I still believe there is a lot less wrong with you, than you thought. lots of love to you man, where ever you are. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

If I write about a DATE in the title will you read this? I bet so.

So, I have a lot to talk to everyone about, and yes, there is a date to mention. Right now I have a massive headache and I feel like my brain may explode. its been that way for a few days, so I need to get this all out. Its been a crazy month. But Saturday, I learned something about myself- Sometimes to accomplish one goal, I need to focus on another. 
 So Saturday morning at the rink, My coach asked me what my goals were- did I want to test?  compete?  Shows? What? and I said "oh yes, I want to keep doing all those, but first I just want to focus on getting my Axel." well my coach pointed out to me that, even though it was a good goal, and important, I needed to keep working on everything, including my foot work, if I were to both get my Axel and progress on in my testing. Its true, My lack of practicing my "moves in the field" as they are called had hurt my progress on the Axel. all those boring little things like three turns help you with arm position and take offs and all that important stuff to not die on the Axel. 
   So tonight, on a related but completely different note, I skipped Home Evening group, and went and had Family Home Evening with my friend Ali and her baby Naomi. I have felt so off balance since I got home from my road trip to Utah, and I just needed an evening with a real family, discussing spiritual things and getting all this stuff and emotion out of my head. So that is what we did, and that was what I needed. I felt really bad, because I guess I was supposed to do the lesson for my group, but I completely had forgot about it and wouldn't have been prepared any way. 
 The problem you see, is that like my Axel, I had alot invested emotionally in this road trip- seeing friends and family, old mission presidents and Baltic peoples, oh and yeah, I did a road trip across 900 miles each way and had dinner with my family and the guys family together and all our families were putting massive pressure on the situation. and I came back and just wanted to write about it, but I know people that were involved read this blog. But you know what, I just have to say what I just  have to say, and I can't hold it in any more.
    I will be honest that I went into that trip with a lot of big expectations, and pressure, from myself and from outside. I had developed a great friendship over a year- long distance, and I wanted to meet the man in person and see what happened. I got scared and nervous, but I talked myself out of fear, and despite the pressure I think I gave the most fair and honest chance I could to seeing how things went. 
 It was an OK drive from Seattle to Utah. General Conference was really good, but I didn't feel anything specifically for me like last time, just a lot of good general stuff to keep me on the path.  I learned alot though, about me, and my guy friend. Road trips are good for that, getting to know people, I think.  It weeds out alot of fronts you could other wise have the energy to put up. Dinner wasn' too bad except when a certain sister in law cornered the guy and asked his intentions ( I love you Mel, but if you do that again. . . ) 
 well, there was that, and I think I just had so much time running around visiting friends, and trying to spend time with my mom, but not really spending quality time, just like quantity time, that it was hard. I think everyone  got rushed, except maybe Natalie who is really fortunate, and awesome.  
 There was just tension and friction in the air. We got back to Seattle and had an amazing game night and temple night with my friends here, and my guy friend. We went on like a dozen dates in three days - the zoo, the aquarium, the space needle and a bunch of other places.  Well we came to the end of it and I had some thinking to do ,because what I discovered was  that I found him in the friend zone ,and that was all, and it was tough and i didn't want to say it because i was afraid people would think i was running away again, I was afraid I was running away again, plus how many months ago did I get put in the friend zone and I know how much that hurts. 
   Well, but I knew I had to be honest. So as soon as I checked I wasn't running away I informed my friend he was in the friend zone. That is hard,  but it was necessary, because its true and its not going to change  no matter how many tries I give it. But i still had fun ,and it was a great trip, and I wrote a short story out of it, so there ya go. 

 but any way, like my Axel, I was told tonight by Ali, to focus on other things so I am not worn out by all that happened that week, and what I want and what I think I need and everything, So I will focus on some other things, like my calling for a bit, and that will be good for me. I am going to write a novel in November. I am looking forward to it. I hope that brings everyone up to speed. if you are confused, i was trying to be a little ambiguous because I don't want to embarrass my friend or anything, he still is a great friend. but I have to write, its just how I am. good night all. there is you update.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bored At Work? 10 Things You Can Do To Make A Boring Job Fun

  Ever had one of those days you just didn't want to be at work, and the day just dragged on and on? Ever had a week of that?  It doesn't matter what your job is, everyone has days they just don't want to be there. Some people have jobs that they never want to be there- Telemarketing comes to mind.  Well, today I had a blast at work, so I thought I might share part of my secret to enjoying a day back at work after two weeks off- resulting in piles and piles of boring crap, that I actually enjoyed working on. So adapted for multiple types of work, here are ten of those ideas to help you out. 

1- Listen to exciting soundtrack music from John Williams!!! What could spice up a boring day at the office more than Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, or Harry Potter theme music. 

2- While listening to music from #1, go and get the mail, imagine you are being chased down the corridor by a giant stone, storm troopers, a T-Rex,  or HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED!! AHAHAHAHA 

3- Not everyone can listen to music at work. If you work somewhere exciting like a Wal-Mart, or a bank, you can always imagine cool back stories on the people who come in to share with your friends later- Maybe D.B. Cooper visited your bank to deposit some moist and moldy old money, or maybe that woman returning the car seat is really part of SG-1, and took it to an alien planet  where all those crusty boogers multiplied so quickly.  

4- If you are lucky enough to work in a Lab of sorts, your fun could be endless!!!  You could pretend you are  the mad doctor creating Frankenstein. after every sample result comes back you could laugh a mad laugh and go "its alive!!" 

5- If you work fast food, you can imagine you are in the fast food Olympics, make your country proud, Go for the gold!!!

6- if you get to drive, oh how lucky you are- Indy five hundred time!! just don't get a ticket. or maybe better yet, you could pretend you are a CIA agent, trying to get evidence to the home base before enemy spies can track you down and destroy the evidence. 

7- really boring office job? spend a day imagining you are Pam from the office. decided which office character each of your co-workers really reminds you of.

8- write a parody in your head about your job, to whatever song you are listening to. I made one once, it was Katy Perry's Firework, and I changed it to  "oh baby your a TCO" which none of you would get because you don't know what a TCO is.  One time me and my co-workers made ourselves into a fictional band, playing staplers, and the computer key board. we named ourselves after a number code we had to enter into the computer for errors. Or you could always just go test out the acoustics in the bathroom. (hopefully its empty when you start singing) 

9- If you are lucky enough to commute to work by ferry each day, and have an awesome view of the water and ferries, you can always look out and see why the boats are stopping, and ask yourself- did someone jump today, yet again? or  Is that an orca down there? is that why the slowed? 

10-  If all else fails turn your job into a competition against yourself. time yourself. Can I do this faster and better than I did yesterday? or maybe  Can I answer the phone and sound more professional and awesome than I did yesterday? or if you are a garbage man - can I get all that garbage in the truck under 3 minutes without spilling it all over the road?   

see, work can be fun, no mater what it is. I didn't cover all jobs here today, but I think you get the idea. Get to work you slackers!!!