Saturday, November 5, 2011

Novel writing is hard, Finish music is cool, if you think you want to date me, Don't read my Blog.

So, I am not doing so well writing my novel today. I have 6,000 words and I am stuck. No idea where to go with this now. But, I am enjoying the new CD my coach bought me from Finland. The singer ironically used to be a figure skater. 
 So in other random news, Karen and I have made disclaimers for anyone that is interested in dating us. She can share hers on her Blog, but mine is  

WARNING: If you want to date me, Don't read my Blog, don't have your family read my Blog, and if you do read my Blog, Don't comment to me randomly outside the sphere of my Blog that you have read my Blog and want to know if something is about you!!!

I honestly write a lot of the things I do to get people to think and discuss things, not because it is my exact precise opinion on them. Yeah, it is my opinion, but the point is, I want thought and discussion on the web to come of it, not you reading about my experience I had dating someone else and think that I was randomly talking about you. I need freedom with my Blog to write these type of thoughts without feeling outside pressure or influence that I have to worry about offending individuals. I will worry about offending the masses, a little, and write it any way. But if I have to worry about each and every person that I know is reading this, I will never be able to write anything. If you can date me and not get all paranoid, then you are welcome to read my blog, other wise future boyfriends (and their families), KEEP OUT.  and that is all I have to say about that. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Novel Writing Month

so its national novel writing month and I am participating. My posts may be less and few and far between this month, if I am busy writing. Or, they may be more than ever as like now I have written a title page and am terrified to continue, and there for am stalling by fb ing and playing on my blog. anyone who wants to join me, lets go for it!!! should be fun. now how to make that cool story in my head I already thought of appear on paper, humm. iki.