Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: An Game Changing Year

As I will be in Seattle at the Space Needle for New Years Eve tonight, and not here blogging, I figured I would take a moment now to reflect on the amazingly life changing year that was 2011.  
      I started this year with some newly developed friendships that changed and shaped my life in ways I could not imagine. My new (at the time) friends Kelly, Adrian and Julie over the course of the past year, in combination with some old friends taught me things like it is a bad idea to have five birthday parties,and  its OK to trust people, to love them, to invest in them. 
 To create ties with people isn't only to risk tears, its a guarantee them, but its almost always worth it in the end. If it isn't worth it yet, it isn't the end. They taught me new make up and hair techniques, Hunger Games is a great book, SG-1 is an awesome show, and I have a dress style that can include much much more than plaid shirts, sports jerseys, and hoodies.  
  I learned sometimes people move away, but that doesn't mean you have lost them, sometimes people move out of the singles ward, and you can still be friends, and sometimes people move right back into the singles ward after a couple weeks, because they missed you and still did their visiting teaching any way.

 In February, I met Michelle, and she became one of my most awesome friends of all time. I learned sometimes sad and painful things happen in our lives, but they can create new opportunities for beauty and growth, and trials really can be blessings. If Michelle's husband hadn't died bringing her to the singles ward, and I hadn't been having a bit of a hard time and needing someone to talk to when she and I kicked  dodge balls and chatted almost a year ago, I would be missing out on one of the greatest friendships of my life, and getting to spend sometime with four of the most awesome kids on the planet.
    Ali taught me that its possible to change your life completely, almost over night, and that you never know the impact of doing your visiting teaching, even if its just by chatting and becoming friends over Facebook. She brought me to open mic night, where we learned its best to overcome fears with a friend by your side. She brought little Naomi into our lives, and taught us that we ought to love to see the temple. And this year was a year of going to the temple-  with Julie and Isaac, Karen, Carolyn, Tracy,and anyone  else we could get to join us. 
  Toni taught me the importance of a good road trip and the tastiness of edemame. We saw most amazing views and had fun at a tourist trap. 

 Because I made personal preparations, and went with people who did the same my April trip to Utah changed my life more than I could ever have imagined, and I hadn't even planned to go. I met my new awesome friend Natalie, and got to know her cousin Keegan, and I got closer with sixteen other people who I spent hours driving with. My opinion on family and marriage changed completely, and I learned to love and appreciate my own family in a way I never had before. It didn't hurt to have the cutest and smartest nephew in the world around either. 
  I went to Sectionals in figure skating, and almost got my Axel this year- a goal 18 years in the process. Next year for sure!!! I also skated the part of a vulture and half of an elephant!!!  I got called to serve in two Relief Society Presidencies which I have learned so much from
 I dated Colton for three weeks, Went on dates with Aaron for two weeks, Decided I liked Chris just in time for him to move back to Reno, and went on another road trip to Utah with Jon, Tracy, and Jessica. 
  I wrote a short story that will soon be published, and then I wrote a novel in a month- still being edited. I lived in three places, finally landing in Poulsbo,  survived a doggy related financial devastation, and became friends with Jennifer, who I didn't really think I ever would. I became friends with Katie who is the most like me thinking person I have ever met, and who is the funnest person on the planet to play sports with and watch lord of the rings. 
  I came to realize that Brielle and I were meant to be friends as we make a great team- even to the founding of a book club- people who like to read books and get together and talk about it, and our own independent random acts of service movement that I am pretty sure changed a few lives because Michael keeps mentioning it, to name one more great friend I gained this year. 
 Derek was here, and he taught me how to fight with Nerf swords and conquer Europe with Diplomacy. 
I wish I could go through and mention everyone and everything that has happened and shaped my life this year, but There isn't time, and you don't want to read it, so I will sum it up like this, Last year at Christmas my dad came out and before he left he gave me a priesthood blessing. 
 All I can remember is that he blessed me that I would find good friends that would help me find my path in life, I found great friends, and I found my path in life. I am more me than I have ever been before. I have found and tapped into the beginning of my true potential. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

AXEL!!! ha ha, almost, but not really

To update everyone on my skating, Today I attempted the Axel without the aid of a harness. Now, considering it has taken me 18 years of skating, or sometimes not skating, to get to this point, I will say I am earning this jump. Today I was very very close, in fact, I totally could have had it, one thing held me back, I psyched myself out.
  My attempts with the harness on tight proved mostly successful,, So my coach loosened the harness belt so it really wasn't very effective at all, which was quite effective. I did the jump basically on my own, I just had a mental safety net. So what did my coach do after that, she detached the rope from the harness. Then I was just wearing a pretty blue harness belt and jumping on my own. With each attempt Iwould start out brave and fully committed, right up to the point where my toe was supposed to push off the ice and send me into the air, and then, i would sort of push off, rotate 180 degrees, and then just land on two feet. I could totaly have done 540 degrees, but I felt so alone and scared without my training wheel mental back up of the harness.
 Now, I will be honest, I have not been as dilligent at doing off ice Axels as my coach would have me be. But, after today, I promise I will do them every day. Then next time I try to do an Axel without a harness, I should be able to finally rotate and land just as I should, fearlessly. have a happy Saturday all. And if you are in the Bremerton area next saturday, our club show is at 7:30 pm, sunday 2:30 pm, bremerton Ice arena. We've worked hard, so come see.
   I will be in two numbers, the adult number- I will be a vulture- and awesome. and the Tot number, I will be the front half of a hillarious elephant. the theme is Jungle Book. See you there. =)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear Prince Charming, You stolen my heart, then left me on the shelf. What gives?

Since I am finished writing my novel I thought I would treat you all to a little "fairy tale" of sorts. Enjoy

Once upon a time, in a land far far away lived a not so young princess, who was single and had come to the realization that her father, the king would soon die, and she would be left to reign and rule alone. Her father was a kind and goodly king, who, although he encouraged her to do so, never forced, or compelled her into some awful arranged marriage situation, as he didn't want to be responsible for having his daughter marry some great weenie, he wanted her to be responsible for that.  
  The daughter, who didn't feel like she was very interested in marriage in her younger years was quite grateful to her father for this, but as the time of his death drew near, the weight and burden that would come with ruling alone started to press upon the not so young, but very beautiful princesses mind.  She came to the conclusion on her own that it was time she seek for her prince, and  continue on the family line so that some evil step cousin didn't get to rule and terrorize her beloved people upon her own death.  
  The Princess decided that she did want, however, to choose a great and noble prince, equal in talent and intellect to herself, adventurous, brave, respectful and of course attractive.  
   Sorry, slight interruption here, but no one really wants to marry a toad. Just remember there is a butt for every seat, as my dad says, and therefore some one to find every type attractive in some way, so I am not saying every man needs to be Taylor Lautner in the looks department, don't get me wrong. The princess just wanted someone she didn't find repulsive, and that she actually wanted to kiss.
  At any rate, it was time, and she knew what she was looking for. She had the king send out a proclamation to kingdoms far and wide, inviting princes and noble men to come to meet the princess and see if they were a compatible match. There were some peasant impostors dressed as princes, but by their very manner the princess weeded them out. 
  Four Princes came, the first from an Island kingdom in the midst of the sea. The princess found him very tan and muscular and attractive. He was an absolute hottie, but  she soon found that he treated her with respect only when the other knights and members of the kings court were around. She soon sent him packing back to the Island he came from. 
  The second prince arrived dressed in shining armor. He was everything the princess ever thought she could possibly want. Gorgeous, financially set, his own kingdom was in order, and  he loved adventures and made her laugh. He also appeared to love her. She had so much fun, she thought this was for sure the one, but duty called the prince back to his kingdom, and once there, he soon forgot about the princess and went on in single life with no further desire to seek marriage.
 The third prince came also from a far distant kingdom,  He wrote many letters to the princess, and sent many gifts and servants to the princess as he came on his way. With his letters and gifts he began to win her heart. On paper he seemed perfect, and so fun, she thought surely she would love his personality as much in person. But alas , When the prince arrived the princess found him to be quite dull, and unimaginative, and sadly, unattractive. Which, she thought was quite a shame as she had so set her hopes upon this one.
  Just as the third prince had arrived so had another prince from a very near and neighboring country. She had known him some what during her life, and thought he was indeed handsome, though not quite as much as the second one. His kingdom had great potential but was currently suffering an economic set back. He had great talent, and skills, he loved learning, and adventure, and dancing. 
  The princess was swept off her feet. To be kind she sent the third prince away. The fourth prince soon had won her absolute affection and adoration. One night, he snuck into her room in the middle of the night and kissed her gently on the lips. She was under his spell. 
  In that instance, the prince stole her heart, quite literally through his spell which was in his song. Her heart now belonged to him. She was in a sort of dream like waking slumber from that moment on, and was only truly alive when the prince was by her side.
 A sudden problem in his country, called the prince away quite unexpectedly, but he promised he would return soon, as he also adored the princess, but he did not return her heart at this moment. Without him everything she did seemed very unimportant indeed. She wrote him daily letters, and he wrote daily replies.  

 His letters contained enough magic to bring the princess to vivid life again for a day at a time. Worried about his daughter, the king found an enchanter who provided her with a soothing song and dance that also made her more lively when the letter wore off, though never quite as good as the prince himself could do. She would often listen, and make up a dance routine in her head.
Upon hearing this the prince swore he would return and dance at the ball with her to the song she so loved as soon as he could take leave of his kingdom. 

  Before he could reach the princess, he was overtaken and captured by her evil cousin. Not knowing that he was captured, and fearing he had abandoned and forgotten her as the second prince had done, the princess wrote one short last message to her prince "Dear Prince Charming, You have stolen my heart, then left me on the shelf. My kingdom in now in great peril. Why do you not return? What gives? Have you also forgotten me, my love?" 
 The princess of course did not hear back from her prince, but despite his captivity he tried to send rays of sunshine to keep the princess somewhat lively until he could hopefully return to her. She would feel this occasionally, and begin to hope, and then it would wear off and she would feel quite sad and alone. The princess soon wondered if she had been cursed by the enchanter, and was destined to always loose the princes she thought she loved, and always receive the adoration of those she didn't.
 Upon her fathers death she found a way to continue on her reign, and make the kingdom run, but she wondered if she had been forgotten and left on the shelf, like a dented can of baked beans, covered in dust, spending till her expiration date waiting for her prince to come. 
                                         Not the end, but that is where we will leave off for now. 

How many of you girls have ever felt like that princess?