Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chapter 2: The Ball, And The Not So Young Princess.

  Weeks and Months had indeed passed since we last left our Princess crying in her tower, heart broken over her absentee Prince and her broken heart. She cried for weeks on end, often not even sure what she was crying about.  
  It seemed to the not so young and nameless Princess that the whole thing had just been a dream, or an enchantment. She called in her most trusted Privy Council of the Realm to advise her on the situation, as she no longer had her father around to turn to. Her many advisers counseled together and determined that if the Prince had not sent her letters in months, and if he had stopped sending rays of sunshine from his far distant land, then perhaps the Prince was dead and the Princess should find a way to move on.
  As the Princess was now receiving no signs at all from the prince, she believed this to be sound advice. Her kingdom could not wait for his return any longer, and she wanted her heart back. And so the Privy Council set about with ways to get her mind over things and prepared her to meet other Princes.
 As she did not completely have her heart back yet, the Princess found all of this a bit trite and painful, but slowly it worked. The council started by having hot cocoa's with the Princess daily to warm her heart. Being as she was a woman and a princess, the advisers next thought it wise to bring in a Tailor to make her some rather dashing new clothes. 
 As the Princess smiled and twirled in her new gowns, that unlike other stories were dazzlingly beautiful, not invisible, the Privy Council saw they were at a point of progress that they could start to bring in some new Princes, and perhaps, they thought, a ball would be in order.
 The Princess agreed, and a date was set for the ball, it would be at the New Year, as that is a most appropriate time in any kingdom to have a ball. To prepare the Princess further, one of the local dukes threw a small party. The Princess attended, and ended up flirting with every single single male at the party. It was rather a bit disastrous, and the attending councilors pulled her out early so as to not give anything to the paparazzi that would ruin the princess' reputation. 
 As the invitations had been sent out, they decided a few days later to try the Princess self control, as apparently a broken heart had made her an insatiable flirt. They set up a play and had the Viceroy of one of their kingdoms far off colonies be her date. 
 The princess was more successful that at the party, but still allowed the Viceroy to make a move and cuddle with her during the play, which was completely unacceptable, but she used the excuse that she was freezing cold and he was being a gentleman and keeping her warm.
 The eve of the ball was fast approaching, and the Princess was not quite emotionally ready, but invitations had been sent and the ball could not be canceled. So it was determined that a few of her most trusted councilors would watch her closely ,and if it appeared she was getting out of order, they would pull her from the room at some excuse to regain her composure.
   New Years Eve had finally arrived, servants came and made the Princess ready. They put ringlets in her hair, and the most fine makeup job. The Princess chose a royal blue gown with a diamond studded square broach embedded into the fabric, she put on her crown jewels and looked in her looking glass and said "Wow!! I'm a hottie!!" and knew that she was so ready for that ball. 
 She did not completely feel emotionally ready though, and somewhat doubted that she would find another prince. Her friends all told her they had a feeling, this was the night, and she would meet someone amazing that would change their kingdom forever. 
 The Princess entered the ball, and the music was silenced. A royal trumpet sounded and as she swept the floor looking more radiant and dazzling than she ever before had, the Princess scanned the room and examined the faces  and posture of the many Princes. One caught her eye, and one only. He was tall, good posture, he had a strawberry blond beard and brown hair. He looked positively fetching and in her heart the Princess hoped greatly to have a chance to dance with him, but she did not tell her advisers to fetch the man, she kept it to herself. 
 The dance began again and another local prince approached, she cared for this prince, and enjoyed dancing and chatting with him, it made her heart feel a bit lighter, though she soon tired of their conversation. After three or so dances with various princes that she felt were all rather dull, the Princess' feet were hurting and she decided to sit and rest a bit, and take some refreshments. 
 There was sitting by the refreshment table the very Prince she had desired to meet. She took the opportunity and sat by him. She inquired of him, and he informed her  that his name was Evan. In addition to his good looks, she learned that he had a degree in physics, and had actually lead his kingdoms military on the battle field, and did not command from a far. He had also been on the top ball room dance troupe in the world. The courage, intelligence, and dancing abilities of Prince Evan greatly impressed the Princess and she asked that the next dance he would dance with her.  

 The Princess later tried to find her Prince Evan, and request his presence at a later date. She asked her advisers to find out where he was from, and invite him to something. They searched and searched and could not find the Prince, or anything of him. The Princess decided to take it upon herself and began to search all over the room to get the adequate information to send a formal invitation for the man to return to the castle. 
  It was after nearly a half hour of searching the room that the Princess finally found Prince Evan, and she smiled and told him he was welcome to return to the castle again, and sent her councilor to get his information. 
 As they parted, they smiled at each other, and as the Princesses happiness radiated from within, she knew at last she had won her heart back, and whatever should happen with her and Prince Evan, or any other Prince for that matter, she could now at least be herself. The spell of the previous Prince had been at last broken, and she was now free again.