Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tea Party Paper Hats, A Tutorial

At the Urging of some of my friends, I have finally done it. I have finally assembled a tutorial for you on how to make a really cool paper hat for a tea party, or a garden party, or why not, the upcoming us premier of season 3 of Downton Abbey. This is what the final product looks like. Don't wear it in a rain storm.

first, you need three large square sheets of pretty scrapbook paper, preferably the same pattern, but at least two of them must be the same pattern.

cut one sheet in half

tape the two halves together as shown above

measure it to your head and then tape the other side to for a  cylinder as shown

cut slits about 1/2" to 1" long around the top

fold the strips in to form  the shape of the hat. You can use staples, or  clear tape

when you finish it should look something like this

cut a strip off the second matching scrapbook page big enough to cover the hole in the middle.

You can stick the patch on the inside or the outside, I think it looks best on the outside.   Tape the patch on the inside first, then cut the extra paper off, so that it just covers the hole.

now tape around the outside of the patch so nothing is sticking up.

now cut 1/4" to 1/2" long flaps around the bottom, approximately  1" to 2" apart 

fold flaps like this, all the way around the hat

take the remaining part of the second scrap book page, and the third scrap book page, and  cut them evenly in squares or rectangles, then begin taping them to the flaps. If more than one patter in being used, alternate them for the best result. 

tape them or glue them on ever flap, or every two flaps together all the way around. 

tape down the top side of the flaps to give extra stability to the brim of the hat.

add a ribbon for a hat band. Whatever color or thickness you prefer. 

where the ribbon ends meet, tape on another ribbon in a bow.

another example, using tape

My first attempt, using staples and glue and no scissors.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

So, This is Christmas? Happy Christmas

T'was the week before Christmas, I stayed in my house. Thanks to St. Nickolai there was no mouse. 
There was snow on the ground, for just a day or two
I spent my time sleeping due to a cold, not the flu.
When finally I awoke from my slumber, 
I decided to watch youtube videos, the better the dumber.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear but The Mighty Boosh, 
and Noel Fielding wearing hats with some ears.
I watched and I wondered in confusion then glee,
I watched, then I laughed, I liked it by episode three.

The presents are bundled all under my tree, my stockings are hung, 
and now its raining. Its time for church, and I get to teach
my third christmas lesson to my class in primary.
Time for some Samuel the Lamanite's speech
No arrows could hit him, what a missionary. 

Through sickness, through snow fall, through mindless humor
out of the fog comes the reason to be here. 'tis all about the heavenly child
Christ changed the world, and he changed it by love. 
so let us all learn, and let us all feel it. 
Happy Christmas to all, Have you got the true spirit? 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

If Coal Means You've Been Bad, What Does Poo Mean?

My roommate and I had an interesting discussion at dinner. You see, on the way home from church I was singing along with She & Him's Christmas CD to the song Little St. Nick, but I change all the words to be about a dog, because, well I have my own 20 lb Jack Russell  St. Nick.  This year, he has confused the tree skirt with his potty pad, so  he has been leaving me Christmas presents on occasion, and then I have to clean the skirt and the carpet. He's getting better about not doing it, but considering that I was told as a child that Saint Nick leaves presents for good girls and boys, and a lump of coal for the bad ones, I can't help but think that perhaps I've been worse than bad this year, because Ol' St. Nick is leaving me a lump of dog crap. At least coal you can burn for heat to stay warm, dog poo I just have to clean up and dispose of. 

  Santa Baby, I'll give you a treat if you use your potty pad, and not my tree. Thank you.  

I Saw the Hobbit, and I Think I'm In Love With a Dwarf

 Richard Armitage...   

How could you not just love Richard Armitage?  I first met Richard Armitage when he played the handsome fellow that swooped in and swept the Vicar of Dibbley off her feet. Pretty sure he swept me off my feet that day too. Where is my boring accountant with dark hair and beautiful eyes? I asked myself with no reply. 

Next I saw him as an industrial giant in the cotton mills of the north of England, sweeping some young southern English preachers daughter off her stubborn feet.  He was a ruthless, merciless employer, who it turned out was actually merciful, kind wise and had everyone's best interest at heart. and mmm that hair, those eyes. How could I not love him.  North  & South, I'd follow him any where. 

As a villain he appeared next  in the woods  fighting Robin of Locksley. Even as the evil sheriff of Nottingham, wearing some kind of mascara and being an absolute slimy jerk face, a part of me loved him still, and rooted for him to change. I don't remember how Robin Hood ended, I may have made this up, but I think he may have almost turned partly good at the end after the death of Marian? No? I can't remember, but my brain refuses to think otherwise. 

The ultimate test though, of if you really love someone, is if you see him covered in Orc blood, with a beardiness only befitting a dwarf and you still are captivated by his eyes and the soothing sound of his voice through and entire nearly 3 hour movie. When his eyes make you forget all about Elijah Woods eyes, when his voice lets you know not even a mountain troll would harm you in his presence, when a man can play a Dwarf with as much sexiness as he can play his lead in any love story, that man is a great actor, and deserved the most sexiest man on the planet award.  And that man is Richard Armitage. 

Who is your celebrity crush? if you could marry anyone famous who would it be?  Move me to England, and  bring me my Armitage,  No one else, not even the Doctor would do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free Pie!! and Face Mask Wednesday!

  So, some of you know I have started a new tradition. Wednesday is my therapy day. I go to my counseling appointment, which is amazingly awesome. I unload all my emotional crap, and find new emotional crap to sort out for the next week. Eventually I think I will run out of emotional crap, and then I will be totally and completely emotionally healthy!? right? is that how that works? I don't know. I just know I have a lot to work through. 
  Any way, so after that, I am usually in need of second therapy- aka friend time. So I go have dinner with my friend Toni. Usually we cook healthy food at her house, but in celebration of dealing with a super big issue very well, this week we decided to go out to eat. I wanted Ice cream. We went to Sheri's. I ate some moderately healthy food,  including shrimp skewers. mmmm.  And then we saw the sign, and it opened up our eyes 'cuz we saw the sign. FREE PIE WEDNESDAYS!!! Woooo Hooo!!!  As they say, if you have a choice between regular heaven, and pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It may be a trick, but if not, mmmm. 

Its not trick, Pie is Free with your order of something else, at Sheri's on Wednesdays. I got peach pie. I no longer needed Ice cream. Although, that would have gone nice, a la mode. 

After we went and walked around a park full of Christmas lights on the waterfront in Renton. It was very pretty, but there were all sorts of oddities, dancing clams, and a hamburger in Christmas lights. Toni explained it was because there was an Ivars and some other restaurant in the park. odd, but still. To top it all off we listened to a She & Him Christmas album. Say what you will of Zooey Deschanel, but she has mad vocal skills and killer comedic presence in my book. 

And then I went home and did a peel face mask. I hated it. It was like slimer attacked my face and then I had to be a little kid peeling glue off  my face. Ok as a kid i would put glue on my hands and let it dry then peel it off for fun, as an adult, with it on my face, that isn't fun or relaxing. So I took it off  and did my usual mud. Much happier =)  good night. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Super Mom, Super Heavy Gifts of the Spirit, and Thoughts on a Super New Website

OK, so I am just basically going to summarize my Sunday in one word.

AWESOME!!!      You thought I was going to say SUPER huh? ha ha

So at church, my first new friend in the state of Washington gave a talk, and it was pretty good. and then her husband spoke and I learned she is moving to Bainbridge and I almost started crying, even though its not that far away, its further than the two minutes that currently separates us.

But before that happened, I found out super mom was in my ward. Let me explain. So I have an awesome new friend in the ward, and her daughter was speaking today. Apparently she (the daughter) is on the shy side and speaking in sacrament meeting isn't on her list of all time favorite hobbies. It is on mine, but it wasn't always. Any way, so she was a little upset when she stepped up to the microphone to speak,  well, a lot upset. She didn't seem to be able to go on. I was rooting for her. I wanted to hear her speak. I don't know her though, so I was sitting helplessly in the audience praying someone would know what to do. The bishop and his councilors uttered words of encouragement, that I believe from my seat appeared only to result in more tears and frustration. Then out of no where, a very amazing mom who I didn't notice had been seated on the stand to help her daughter popped up, well ducked up behind her, and uttered just the right words of encouragement.  The girl stepped back, took a breath and read her talk so well it didn't sound like she was reading it, nervous, or any way affected by the beginning trauma.

  Wow!! I sat in my seat awed. What a perspective, loving and amazing mom. As the girl finished her talk, she took her seat next to her mom on the stand, and her mom gave her a hug and more words of encouragement. If I'm ever  a mom I hope I do that. I hope I know my kids well enough to know just what to say, to be aware of there challenges, and to be there for them when they need me, in just the way they need me.  I found it completely inspiring.

After that, I went and taught my primary class the most amazing lesson I have ever taught in primary. We kind of have free reign as to what lesson we choose to do these two weeks before Christmas, and I got this Idea, and cleared it with one of the primary presidency that since last week we only talked about 7 verses in Moroni 10, that I wanted to cover the rest of them, on the Gifts of the Spirit. I had a genius idea. Inspired, I am sure, to tie it into Christmas gifts. So this morning I got up early and wrapped up pictures of scripture stories, apostles, prophets, and other objects that represented the gifts of the spirit mentioned in the verse. Then I wrapped up my baby Jesus from my Creche and well, it all weighted about 25 lbs. it was heavy. 
   But we opened each one, discussed the objects relation to the scriptures, then I ended with John 3:16, and how Christ is the greatest gift we have received from God, and then back to Moroni 10 where it says all good gifts come from Christ.  I actually kept their attention for the entire lesson. It was awesome, and I am glad I followed the prompting to teach it that way, because I think I may have actually reached them today.

On a last note, in my last post I encouraged all of you to check out the churches new website . Not wanting to be a hypocrite, I went and not only checked it out, but watched every single video on there, and read each section. I think it is a great site. It is a balance of maintaining the importance of living gospel standards, but encourages with a message of  love and compassion to those struggling with same sex attraction within and without of the church. It also encourages greater love and understanding from those in the church NOT struggling.  It shared the experiences of many people in the church who's lives have been touched by this issue in one way or another. In this day and age, I think we all have. The video testimonials of Elder Christofferson, and Elder Oaks were inspiring, and the messages of hope of those willing to share their stories were also great, the thing I enjoyed the most though was Elder Cook sharing his experiences from his time serving as a Bishop and Stake President in San Francisco, the people he met, and the impact it had on his life. It was very touching. I encourage you all once again to take a moment and take a look at it. If you do nothing else, watch Elder Cooks video.  

Happy Sunday and Happy Christmas to all!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Christmas Devotional

So, I have been reading Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. I've been reading it for two plus years, but I am finally starting to get into it. In fact, I put off dinner tonight so I could read. Then, my stomach won out at around 9pm and I went in the kitchen to cook. I was going to watch hulu while I cooked, and then I remembered that I haven't seen the churches Christmas Devotional yet. I decided to watch that instead. 

 I love the music, its amazing and beautiful. But what has stuck out the most to me was Elder Uchtdorfs talk on being a good reciever as well as a good giver. This stood out to me in stark contrast to what I had just read in that big fat book. Im not finished yet, so I can't really comment too much on the book, but here is the opinion I formed after contrasting the two things. It is good and important to work hard, to earn your living and your way in life, its important to do this to learn and to grow, But, its also important to humbly learn to rely on others, especially the Savior. None of us can or should do it all on our own, and none of us can do it all. 

Jesus took everything on himself to help us to be able to grow, to become like him, but even he can't do everything, he can't take our will, we have to decide to give that to him.  Its important to love one another, and recieving gifts with the attitude in which they were given is an important lesson to learn. The greatest gift ever given's birth is celebrated this time of year, the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ. The gift he gave, the gift God gave is ours to accept graciously or to refuse contemptuously.  John 3:16  "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever will follow him might not parish but have eternal life"           

To end it off, President Monsons talk about the lonely, about bringing people into the warm thoughtfulness of our hearts, of true love for each other. He called it the Christmas spirit, the reflection of the Saviors love for us. So true. Charity, after all, is the pure love of Christ.    As I looked at the churches website, I also noticed that they have a link, to a new website that the church has created.

 This website deals with a very emotional subject for most people in our world today, inside or out of the church. It is to clarify the churches position, and to express great love, to a subject that has created some  divisions, and some lonely and hurting people both in the church, formerly in the church and out of the church. Its worth it , I think, to check it out, read it, gain some understanding whether you currently know someone struggling with this issue or not, perhaps this will help you to reach out in love to someone who will need it in the future.  here is the new website, Please check it out.....  it is an official website of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints  - from the news room relase "NEWS RELEASE —  6 DECEMBER 2012

In an effort to encourage understanding and civil conversation about same-sex attraction, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has launched the website “Love One Another: A Discussion on Same-Sex Attraction” ( It features a number of videos from people who share real experiences from their own perspectives on a sensitive and sometimes emotionally charged topic."

any way, anytime the church puts out new stuff its to help us learn something important.   So watch the Christmas Devotional if you haven't, and take a moment to take a look at that new website. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Troll Hunter

Oh, you get a two for one tonight, because I haven't posted much lately. But today, I watched a really fun Norwegian movie called "Troll Hunter"  Its supposed to make you think it is a real movie about something that possibly really happened. Yeah right, trolls live in Norway  and love to eat Christians. That's what the movie claimed any way. Crazy stuff.  it was super fake looking, but I really enjoyed it. 

First, I got to watch three stupid college kids making a documentary that they thought was about a bear poacher. Then they found out he was a troll  hunter. One got bit by a troll and survived, he later found out the troll that bit him was rabid, and that he now probably had rabies. I think that's hilarious because he didn't go to the doctor to have his troll bite checked out even though it was bothering him throughout the movie.  If you get bit by a troll, please check yourself for rabies!!!

Second, I saw a three headed troll turn to stone, and another troll snack on some goats- very Jurassic park- and then it exploded. The key to defeating these trolls? UV lights baby!! oh yeah!!  there is an anti-fake bake add for you, look what this tanning bed will do to this giant mountain troll! BOOM troll guts everywhere.

Third, kind of sad, but if you are on a film crew, and decided to follow around a troll hunter, and he asks, "Hey are any of you Christians? because trolls really love to eat Christians." Don't lie about it, or you will for sure be the camera man that gets eaten by a smelly foul big nosed pack of trolls when you go tromping through the troll cave where you oughtn't be, because, well there is clearly no way out of that cave, no sunlight going in, and you are the one that smells like a Christian, so the troll can snack on you and your friends can escape.  

Great movie. I think its only moral was that you can't trust the government, and that Trolls eat Christians so all the Atheists are the ones that will have to save you from the trolls. Have fun with that Atheists.  Any way, I had fun watching it.

Why I currently look like The Mask, and I'm loving it!

Its Wednesday night. Wednesday nights are always interesting for me these days. On one hand, I feel a great relief because I got to talk with my counselor about the things on my mind all last week,  and on the other hand, over whelming, because in the process I usually find some new thing to work on. This week was no exception, and I don't even know how to begin on the task at hand this time. I don't think my usual Idea of reading a book about it and following someone else's Idea is going to work.  Its going to have to be me, and I'm going to have to think outside my usual box. 

  Another great thing about Wednesdays is I always get to spend Wednesday evening, after therapy, with a friend, going through what I like to call Second Therapy.  You know,  like when you go on a vacation, and you leave one extra day to be home after your vacation to have a vacation from your vacation before you go back to work because you are exhausted from vacationing?  Well, after therapy, I usually have to go talk to a friend to transition out of therapy mode. Usually I have dinner with my friend Toni, but tonight I ended up going to Starbucks in the Silverdale Barns and Noble to get hot chocolate and look at books. 

  I love hot chocolate, especially when that  hot chocolate is half eggnog. mmm chocolate eggnog. Thank you Anna. Anna is the one that took my eggnog latte back for me to get eggnog hot chocolate like I wanted, because well, I don't drink lattes, but I also hate taking things back. Oh , and my good friends don't let me drink caffeine because they know bad things happen when I do.  Any way, we drank our comfort beverages and wandered around looking at all the books we wished we owned but don't have money or room to buy and then we went home. It was nice, because we just laughed at silly things and talked about books. It felt good.  

  I got home after and I had already taken care of making and packing my lunch for tomorrow- prosciutto wrapped salmon.  mmmmm  tasty. And then I did my exercises, and took a shower, and I was just thinking, what else would make this day end great so I am ready to deal with the world again, and It hit me. FACE MASK!!! wooo hooo!!!  I chose and avocado and oatmeal one this time. I applied it, and then I looked in the mirror and saw someone who could be on The Mask, you know that great Jim Carry film from the nineties?  Any way, my Jack Russell doesn't have a mask, but he is siting at my fit. Good boy! I am calm, not crazy, and ready to go to sleep. but, I do look like the mask.   

Any way, I will be making a tutorial on how to make really awesome hats out of paper. Then, I am going to try to make them out of felt. If I make them out of felt, I am going to consider selling them. If I sell them ,I have to fill out paper work at work. its a great dilemma, so we shall see. but, I will show you how to make the paper ones.  night all!!! and Happy Christmas!!