Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Mean Sick, and Why I Will Never Sleep W/O My Body Pillow Again!!

You know, earlier today, when I went to work feeling like crap, I wondered for a moment,  "If I were a drunk, would I be a mean drunk?"  I don't plan on drinking EVER, so we wont find out, but the reason I wondered this is because I can be an awfully mean sick, at least in my head. Usually I just grunt when I want to swear or punch someone in the face.  You can thank my grand ma, she taught me "If you don't have something nice to say don't say nothing at all."

    My first day back to work after five days of feeling sick and not socializing with people at all, and still feeling pretty horribly sick. Everything smelled horrible to me, sounds seemed amplified by a billion decibels, and there were all these people things I was so not used to seeing. Moments like this,  I DONT HAVE NOTHIN NICE TO SAY, at least till around noon when I feel slightly less horrible, and have gotten used to people and noise again.  In all actuality, I was nice, just quiet. I grunted a lot this morning. My head hurt, I couldn't think straight, there were piles of things everywhere. I felt a little over whelmed. AND IT WAS SO LOUD and everything smelled bad and made me want to vomit!  Some things on my desk I still couldn't understand at the end of the day. When I feel better I will understand them perfectly, but right now my mind is still a foggy haze of pain and grumpy.

 All I wanted to do all day today was go back home, drink my ginger ale and chicken broth, and cuddle with my fuzzy white Jack Russell and my purple body pillow, resting my weary, food deprived brain and body while enjoying all the love and support my wonderful friends have shown me in peace, quiet, and a smell neutral zone.  That didn't happen, but as of an hour ago, I was almost singing again- a sure sign we are on the road to recovery, and clear thinking.

 If I have learned anything from this torturous sick week, its that I have great and loving friends, who just never cease to amaze me with their kindness and love, and that  no one, I repeat  NO ONE should be without a body pillow!! those things are great. I can roll all over my bed and the pillow is always there with me. I have no idea how I made it 31 years without one, but that is never, ever happening again. That thing is my new buddy, and wherever I go, He goes, my buddy, my buddy.... oh sorry, singing again.

          well, time to go cuddle with my new purple pillow. night all. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Chocolate Helps With Dementors, Not So much the Stomach Flu.

 On day three of the stomach flu, I finally got really sick of eating saltine crackers, and trying to eat soup.  Saltine crackers are salty. They are fine, they are about all I can eat, but lets face it, there isn't much to them besides salt and flour.   
  I have attempted to enjoy a vegetable soup, Butternut squash bisque, and chicken noodle soup. Normally I enjoy all of these. Right now, they all taste horrible and make me want to vomit.  

 Particularly after the Butternut squash, I wanted to do anything to get that awful taste out of my mouth. Somehow, I think I may be slightly delusional or something. I have had a slight fever, its possible. Any way, for a moment I was lying there in misery thinking, man, this is a lot like a Dementor attack. Chocolate is supposed to help with that. I think I will try chocolate...
 ... this is not a Dementor attack, it is the stomach flu. Chocolate will not, I repeat WILL NOT make you feel better. If everything is tasting horrible and making you sick, go brush your teeth, drink some water, and stick to the saltines. That is my advice. This is one instance to just say no to chocolate, and anything else for that matter.  
       Well, writing this has zapped me of all my energy, So I am going to go back to sleep and hope my 20 lb dog doesn't push me off the bed again with his super strength. If anyone can come over and take him for a walk, he is getting really restless. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chinese Acrobats, and Other Magical Birthday Surpirses

 31 is way more awesome than 30.  Last year, On my 30th birthday I got a surprise call at 7 am from my dad telling me one of our family friends had died of cancer. That is not the kind of birthday surprise I want, ever again. If anyone dies on my birthday, don't tell me till the next day please!!

  My 31st birthday was also full of surprises, but they were much much more fun. It started a week ago, when one of my friends surprised me with a spontaneous opportunity to watch Les Miserables, followed with Crepes with friends. A week out, my birthday was already better than last year.

 On Wednesday, I went to go play floor hockey with women from my stake, one of them invited me to come to a Chinese acrobat show today. That sounded exciting so I said yes.  Thursday I went out to lunch with my co-workers. I was surprised with the most delightful Cajun seafood gumbo I have ever tasted, and a piano man playing me a Jazzy Happy Birthday song.

 Friday was the best. I took off work, and went for breakfast with my friend Amie. She made me some really good crepes, and I got to eat with her family. Her kids love me, and they are super sweet. Her two little girls made me at least a dozen happy birthday cards, and drawings, and one of them even surprised me by wrapping up a non peppermint candy cane for me. I am allergic to mint and really appreciated it.

 The kids were quite excited to have me around, so they dragged me down the stairs to play for a bit. Surprise, the six year old gave me a violin lesson. I can play two notes now. We had a lot of fun, and then my friend came and surprised me and told me she was taking me over to another friends house. The kids weren't going to let me go. They are surprisingly strong. I actually couldn't move them when I tried to get them to let go of my legs and coat so I could get out the door. Only a mom knows the magic words to unlock their  child death grips.

 We headed down the road not far and I didn't know what to think, because I hadn't expected this side trip at all. We got there and Boom!! Mary Kay at my finger tips. Surprise make up. a few hours later, I was back at home just chillin. Then I headed to my friend Michelle's for a birthday party- for me! I knew there was a party, but I had no idea what would happen or who would be there. I made a bunch of pies for it though. I blew out my birthday candles on a Pie.  My friends came, I was surprised they all made it, one was really sad because her dog has a tumor, and I wasn't sure she would.   

 My friends surprised me with things like body pillows, books, and a doctor who tee shirt. I didn't expect anything but their company, so I was quite over whelmed.  I also got a surprise TARDIS!! It was so cool!! my friends know me well. We played some games but mainly we just talked and ate, and then my roommate surprised me and came to the party, she surprised me again and told me that my present was on the table at home, which surprisingly was the delightful rosemary plant. mmm smells so good. It was a great party, and I laughed so hard and enjoyed spending time with my friends.

At One AM I drove home, expecting to stumble blissfully into bed and sleep. I pulled up to my  house and noticed I had been heart attacked!!! How exciting! I didn't expect that one at all!! I read the words on the hearts, and they were all so touching, I almost cried.  

This morning, I woke up and went with my friend Christina to breakfast at Tap Rock. Not many surprises there, just good conversation. I was surprised at how amazing my pancakes tasted though!! mmm.  And she surprised me with a cool Jack Russell Birthday Card that barks the  "Happy Birthday" song at you. My dog is loving this. He goes crazy when I open it. 

  My aunts had sent a surprise present with my parents when they came out- I was so surprised- A photo book of their last trip out here. It was so personal and cool, and I know they put so much effort into it.  I got a present from my parents in the mail today too- Agave juice and freeze dried mushrooms. If that isn't a tasty surprise I don't know what is. 

Finally It was time for the Chinese Acrobats. I didn't expect to be Wowed, but I thought it would be fun. I was completely bowled over with surprise. It was amazingly awesome. These acrobats looked like they could  have been at least Olympic Gymnasts, if not higher level. Is there a higher level? I don't know. I guess this is the higher level. The most amazing was this guy who stacked like a billion chairs on each other, climbed up them and did  hand stands and all t hose strength moves you see on the rings.  Did I ever mention  I have a thing for male gymnasts? well I do. What a birthday!! that was amazing.  

Surprisingly, this birthday was probably my best ever. I have never felt so loved, and I almost don't know how to accept that much love, but I know I have some really awesome friends and family, and co-workers, and I know this year is going to be a great one.


My Life Sound Track - Part 3

2002- More Peter Brianholdt.  Enrique Iglesis- Hero. There were more good songs, but these were the ones that mattered most to me in 2002. I will never forget driving around with my roommates singing Hero on the way to the BYU game.  Mindy "I can be your hero baby," Paige paying attention to driving not singing interjects about someone making an odd turn "can you really do that"  ha ha ha. Oh yeah, and ME!! this is when I wrote my first songs- Break of Dawn, and I LUV 2 B W/U.  Weezer- Island In the Sun was also a big hit in my apartment.

2003- Me and Tiff Johns- 3rd Floor of Heaven. That was a great song, got us through a death of a friend. Also- If You could Hie to Kolob, a lot of Dwight Yokhim, and Cold Play- The Scientist. 

2004- (on my mission). Rebel Heart- Lietuva Tevyne Musu , God Be With You Till We Meet Again- Lithuanian,  A Latvian hymn we did for choir. I have no Idea what it was called but it went something like ... pieduot mani kauna, mani kauna aaaamen. Oh yeah, and Kur Ir Mana Lidsmasina?

2005- (still on a mission, heard most of these with members or on buses, or in shops)   Vivo Per Lei- the Lithuanian version,  Daniel Powder- Bad Day, James Blunt- You're Beautiful, and Vilija Mataciunaite - Spjaudau ir Gaudau.  

2006- In order to juggle French class, Russian class, and my brain still wanting to be in Lithuania, I listened to a lot of previously mentioned French and Lithuanian artists at this time, but in Russian class I found some exciting new artists  Znaki with the song Polli. Crazy Music Video, and  Zveri- Do Skoroi Vstrechi. You don't have to  understand Russian to enjoy the music videos, they are awesome!! 

2007-   Kelly Clarkson- Because of You ( like the duet with Reba the best). Weezer- Pork and Beans

2008- One Republic- Apologize,  Flight of The Concords, Brooke White, David Archuleta,It was a very Idol kind of year.  

2009- Pink. I listened to a lot of pink. Fun House. Great CD. Amazing videos, slightly disturbing. Eminem. I've always secretly loved Eminem, but this year, I think I started to openly love Eminem.  

2010- The Killers- Are we Human? , Eminem and Rhianna- Love the Way You Lie. Its just a really amazing song about a truly horrible and dysfunctional relationship, what is not to love? Katy Perry- Fire work, Eminem- Not Afraid- this is the best song ever for motivating me to not give up and to keep trying when I am feeling kicked while I am down. , Pink - Raise Your Glass (it was just so much fun!!)   Taylor swift, Sugar Land (stuck like glue), Miranda Lambert, and  The Band Perry helped me to love Country music again.

2011- Adele, Mumford and Sons, The Head and the Heart, Death Cab for Cutie, M.I.A, Adele, Adele, Adele, and She and Him. Zooey Deschanel has an amazing voice. And I will never tire of Adele. My friend Julie introduced me to Adele before her music exploded everywhere. My friend Karen took me to a Death Cab concert that was opened by The Head and the Heart. And nothing is more fun that driving around with Karen listening to Paper Planes by MIA. I found She and Him thanks to Zooeys roll on Elf, because her Baby its Cold Outside is so amazing I  had to hear more.  Eurovision also lit up my life with treasures Like Lako Je Sve, and  Drip Drop by Safira. 

2012. My heart broke. Who better than Taylor Swift for such a moment?  No one is better.  Gotye, your timing with Somebody that I Used to Know could not  have been better, I belted it. and when I was ready for healing I welcomed some light hearted "Call Me Maybe?" and more Katy Perry and Fun.   There is some really great music right now, and some crap. We are too new into 2013 for me to be sure about what will define 2012 in the long run, but I am betting Gotye, and Fun. don't quickly leave my memory. And every time I even think about trying to date an ex Taylor Swift reminds me why We are Never Ever EVER getting back together. 

                 Thirty years of music that has got me through life.  I wonder what music will define My Next Thirty Years? 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Music of My Life part Deux- The Second Decade

1992-  Reba McEntire- The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia ( I think my love of this song was so intense it worried my mom, since it was it was about murder),  Tanya Tucker- Two Sparows In a Hurricane,  Kris Kross- Jump ( yes, I did indeed wear my clothes backwards. Its really hard to get jeans on backwards, and sip them up propperly.)

1993-  ACE OF BASE!!! the entire The Sign Album.  Does He Love You- Reba and Linda Davis,  Travis Tritt - T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  I listend to The sign almost no stop for the next, hum 4 to 20 years. I made up skating programs to it, after mama mia came out, I tried to make a musical using it. The Sign has and still does define my life.  The duet with Reba and Linda was just cool- they blew up a boat!!, and Travis Tritt, it is thanks to you that I learned how to spell trouble. I still sing that song anytime I have to spell  T- R- O - U- B-L- EEEEEEE!!

1994- Bolero. I have no Idea who played it, wrote it or whatever. But, Torvile and Dean skated to it and that changed my life.  Rednex- Cotton Eye'd Joe. All I will say about this song is "had it not been for Cotton eye'd Joe, I'd been married long time ago."  Its true, I said it.  Brian Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart- All for love. I melt. I melt.  The Cranberries- Dreams. SO Pretty!!  and Enigma- Return to Innocence. I can't even describe how much I still love that song.  I made up skating routines to it too.  and finally Beck- Looser. It took me a while to figure out he was saying Looser in spanish in the chorus, but that song always has the effect of making me feel like less of  a looser when I feel like one. Thanks Beck for shaving your face with some mace in the dark, and burning down a trailer park. 

1995- Sophie B. Hawkins- As I Lay Me Down.  some of the songs on that casset tape dropped the F bomb, I was disappointed. But I loved As I Lay Me Down, and I sang it for my solo in eighth grade choir the next year.  Weezer- Buddy Holly. I made a parody. I had windows 95, the music video was on there free. I watched it a lot. I thought the lead singer was super hot.  Alanis Morisette- Ironic.  I was so sad about the guy in the plane. Also TLC - Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls.  It was just so 1995. 

1996- Summon The Heros- the sound track of the 1996 Olympic Games, Power of the Dream- Celine Deon. Seriously, I listened to them non stop.   Spice Girls- Wanna Be, and Los Del Rio- Macarena.  great songs I still sing and dance to. I even made up a jump warm up routine for myself to the Macarena a year or so ago.  Wierd Al- Amish Paridise. Ok yeah, I still know all the words. Sheryl Crow- the entire If It Makes You Happy album.  Finally Celine Dion was a major slow dance song hit at my Jr High with  Its all Coming Back to Me Now. I still remember that party, with the pool, and the dancing, and the boy I said no to dancing with because I was too shy.  Oh Yeah and NO Doubt the entire Tragic Kingdom CD

1997- THE BEATLES- Free As a Bird and the release of Beatle Anthology made my whole class quite obsessed with the fab four.  The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony- I still love Love that song.  oh and Elton John's Candle in the Wind 1997, I still remember Diana's funeral every time I hear that song. OMG-How Bizzare- my French friend Laetitia and I used to go crazy dancing to this song and singing along.  Finally TUBTHUMPIN- Chumbawumba. I dont drink, but drinking songs are the most fun to sing.  Honnorable mention to Jewel. and to White Town for -  Your Woman. Things were gettin crazy. 

1998- This year is defined by my trip to France.  Madona- Ray of Light, Ricky Martin - the whole Livin the Vida Loca CD, Eagle Eye Cherry- Save Tonight.  Pascal Obispo, Mylene Farmer, and a lovely african dance hit called "Yakalelo" Oh and I think the chicken dance factors in here somewhere. Yeah, that trip to france forever changed my life. 

1999/2000- the year I graduated from High School. Sara McLaughlan- I Will Remember You, LeeAnn Womack- I Hope You Dance, Weezer- The Sweeter Song,  and Six Pence None The Richer- Kiss Me, also the French 80's group Telephone with their song Cindrillon was the key to my senior project, and I loved it. Saddest take on cinderella ever, but to such a catchy tune.  Green Day's Good Riddance helped me shed a tear and say good bye to my family and high school. 

2000- The college part of the year was very very much MXPX, and Dixie Chicks. they ruled my world, at opposite extreems of crazy, as well as Newsies, which got a reprieve when one of my roommates bought the  movie and the sound track. mmm Newsies. =) 

2001- Peter Brianholdt, and Colors ruled my second year of college. If you aren't from Utah, there is a chance you may not know about these two AMAZING bands, but you should check them out. 

and that ends another decade of my life in music.  One more to go!!  

The Songs of My Life- The First Decade (Part 1 of 3)

Have you ever thought about what would be on the soundtrack of  your life, if your life were a movie? I have. In honor of my 31st birthday, I have decided to compose a list of songs that were most influential  for each year of my life. Some years had to have more than one song, but where possible, I am holding it to one. 
enjoy, and Happy Birthday to Michael, Sheri, Linda, and  Elder Gerisoli  my birthday twins!! 

1982- Mandy, Barry Manalow.  This song didn't come out in '82, I was named for it. MTV was also born this year. 

1983-  I'm giving this one to Nina. 99 Luftballons has changed my life, and helped teach me German. Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers- Islands in the Stream. I still love that song. uh huh.

1984- Lee Greenwood, God Bless the USA. I still cry, because I'm Proud to be an American. 

1985-Grandpa, The Judds.  I searched long and hard on this one. Lots of great songs, but Grandpa still touches my heart so much to this day. Whoa whoa grandpa, tell me 'bout the good ol' days!

1986- Walk Like an Egyptian, The Bangles. Yup, I was walkin' like an Egyptian a lot as a child. loved this. 
Also Somewhere Out There from the movie An American Tail. That song WILL be played at my wedding. it my my signature love song. 

1987- I give this one to country music. KT Oslin , George Straight,  The Judds  and Randy Travis were some of my favorite, but   Dwight Yokim- 1,000 miles was an enduring favorite that even got me through my first years of college over a decade later. 

1988- A big music year for me. The creme de la creme for me: Keith Whitley- When You Say Nothing At All, George Harrison- Got My Mind Set On You, George Michael - Faith,  Poison- Every Rose Has its Thorn,  and Rod Steward- Forever Young. all of these songs were so important to me, I couldn't pick just one. 

1989-  Roxette - Listen To Your Heart,  New Kids on the Block - You've Got it (The right stuff), Hank Williams Jr&Sr There's a Tear In My Beer.     I was mad for New Kids. I had a big crush on Donny. 

1990- Alannha Miles- Black Velvet. I hate Elvis, but I love this song. Garth Brooks- The Dance- Words can't explain how influential this song has been in my life, it got me through many sad, tough moments. Tanya Tucker -Walkin' Shoes. I wanted to be Tanya Tucker at this time in my life.  Vanilla Ice- Ice Ice Baby. All you got to say is "stop" and I follow it with "collaborate and listen."

1991- Finishing off my first decade of life... The Judds- Love Can Build a Bridge (still brings a tear to my eye) , Trisha Yearwood- She's In Love With the Boy (theme song of my first crush!!) , REM -Loosing My Religion,  MC Hammer- Too Legit (I had hammer pants, yes I did).  Tanya Tucker- Down To My Last Tear Drop. Reba McEntire -Fancy ,  Travis Tritt- Here's A Quarter (call someone who cares)- I still want to say this to people, then I realize we have no pay phones.  Aaron Tippin  - You Got To Stand For Something.  Country music was big in  my life that year, when ever  it wasn't Hammer Time.  

If I had to pick just one for the whole decade, it would be Love Can Build A Bridge by the Judds.
As you can see, Music got increasingly more important, and harder to narrow down. Good luck with the next decade =)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not Running Faster Than Your Strength

"And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order." Says king benjamin in mosiah chapter three.
  This morning I read a talk by Elder Ballard about having a balanced life. It was really good, but I cant remember what it was called.
For the past year I have been litteraly learning this lesson about running as injuries physically restricted me from the ability to run. Those injuries only reached that point, because I chose to ignore them and run faster than I had strength.
In the past month, I also did this running too fast spiritually and emotionally. Just like with my physicall injuries, the results were detremental to me and my ability to progress.
Similarly, when I was physically injured, after pushing myself too hard too fast, I reached a point when I gave up and quit trying at all. I lost muscle, gained fat, and got weaker and more unhealthy than was necissary, until someone showed me some exercises I could do at the pace I could handle.
These exercises are called the daily dozen. You do each for forty five seconds then rest for fifteen. It takes only twelve minutes of your day. When I first started doing these, I had to modify most of them to my ability. Slowly as I continued to progress and build muscles and flexibility week by week, I was soon able to do most of them without modification, and eventually add a few of my own on.  This allowed me very slowly to reach a point i could ice skate and even run a little again.
I still have a long way to go, but I know if I continue at a propper pace I will get there. I could use this same technique for spiritual, social, emotional, and intelectual aspects of my life.
For example, a daily dozen mix of priorities could include
Scripture study
Eating healthy
Getting enough sleep
Haveing alone /reflective time
Creativity time
Work time
Friend time
Work on calling time

These are things i need at least a little of every day. If i get this much in balance, then i can add a few things more. If this is too much for me, i can modify the time, intensity, and way that i carry them out to fit my needs,so that i can have wisdom, order, and balance, so I can get that prize I so desperately want and am working for.  
If i run too fast, ill colapse without the prize, if i dont run at all i definately wont get it. If i pace myself, one day ill get there, ill get that prize, ill win it

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Iron Curtains Rust. ...

If you are tuning in to read a blog about the downfall of the Soviet Union, You will be sorely disappointed. If you are looking to read about what has become of the infamously unbeatable church floor hockey goalie Mandi Marquardt ,you have come to the right place. 

 After a year off from my glorious YSA floor hockey carer due to injury and Oldish age, I returned again to the floor tonight, in a more suitable "Women's church floor hockey" format.  Yup, I got beat once or twice by sister Lamar. I don't think she has played hockey before, but she is a natural and has some mad skills. She so nice to everyone all the time you wouldn't think that she could beat you to the puck like that and brutally turn and score on you, but she so can. 

 Everyone played extremely well. I even still  had some magic left. But again, my nick name was "The Iron Curtain" and what is a problem with Iron? well Iron rusts. I got rusty. I let a lot of easy goals in. I was slow. I got tired. I haven't ran this  year at all. Now I am chasing a ball down a court with a stick in toe. I lasted 15 min before I was begging to be goalie. I would have gladly stayed in goalie too. but we rotated, that was fair, and probably wise. I probably actually wouldn't have wanted to be goalie the whole time. I had Barbara  O'leary on my team. We warmed up together. She's really good too. I am good. I still have, well, some of it. But lets put it this way, If I had to face Isaac "The Capitalist" Shaver  today, or Bryce"I'll beat your face in" Jameson, I would have died after 15 minutes, or less.  
  I think Brielle "the Brick" Porter and Julie "High five you in the face with a chair" Shaver could have taken me in less than 20 and  Michelle "the Mad woman" Pitcher and Karen "the Kreamer" would have turned me into creamed corn in  no time at all. 

When I was done, I walked into my house, turned to my roommate and said "I need a shower, I smell like a buffalo"  she asked what a buffalo smells like. From my experience, they stink. I stunk. I stunk bad. Like rust. like a rusty B.O. filled sweat drenched former hockey glory once known and feared as the Iron Curtain.  These Women, They will soon whip me into shape I hope. They run, they exercise. they do physical stuff beyond walking.  I used to do things like that.
  Well, the time has come, and this time the Iron Curtin is going to find some WD-40 and a Brillo pad and work until she shines again, until no puck or ball gets past her, and every puck she shoots lands in the net. 
   As Red Green Says, folks, "Keep your stick on the Ice," or in this case, the hard wood. If  you are in the poulsbo area, and are a woman, come join us Wednesday nights at 8:30 in the Poulsbo LDS church building. Its a blast.

Real Ramen, Les Misrables, and some hockey

Ok, I have about 10 minutes till I head to the poulsbo church building for some womens floor hockey, but I just had to write really quickly about what an awesome evening i've had so far.

Wednesdays I go to my counseling session in Auburn and then I go have dinner with my friend Toni afterwards. She wanted to go to sushi tonight. I wasn't super excited. I get intimedated in sushi places, mainly by the chopsticks. I have no chopstick skills.  I compromised a bit. She took me for frozen yogurt first, so that sweetened the deal.

When we got to the sushi place, I looked at the menu. I am playing hockey tonight, I didnt think I would get full enough, and then I saw it. Japanese Ramen. I hate Ramen noodles. those card board things in the package. YUCK!!! I will eat them if the other option is starving to death.

 But, I have heard Japanese ramen is way different and totally better. This IS A FACT!! I will tell you myself from my personal experience tonight. YUM!!!  Also, Toni shared some of her sushi with me. Last time I had sushi was on my road trip with Toni to La Push (Sushi is good in port townsend at Ichikawa).  Any way, Mmm, she chose well and I was pretty happy we had gone for sushi. We also had some great entertainment. There were no forks, only chopsticks. Toni had to give me a refresher on how to use them. I had to modify that to eat any ramen, but within 15 min I was using them properly to eat the sushi. First, though, I had to drop a sushi roll in my soup. It went well together.

 We spent about 15 min giving our own reviews of the movie Les Misrables. We  both agreed that we liked Ann Hathaway, Russell Crow, Hugh Jackman, and the girl that played Eponine.  We both agreed we didn't like the sound affects accompanying Javerts suiside, the realistic seweryness of the sewers, and we didn't like  cosette.  oh and we agreed that bonhem-carter, and Borat were really perfect villans. Ok, I am now late for Hockey, so pardon all my typos, but I gotta run.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I survived 9 am church

 Today was a monumental day for me. It was a day that proved I can get up before 8 am on a Sunday, get dressed, and take a shower before 8.30.  It wasn't easy.
    I had 9 am church today for the first time since well before my mission. Its 7pm right now. I feel like its midnight.  I also feel kind of like I skipped church. 

With my new calling as Primary secretary, My mind wasn't much on the testimonies shared at fast and testimony meeting. No, I spent most of that hour trying to figure out how to simultaneously put up the signs on class rooms (that I failed to get to church early to do), hand a presidency member the agenda, and oh yeah, did I mention I am also teaching CTR 6. So I needed to get ready for teacher mode and keep an eye on my class while doing secretary stuff. 

  I am a great multi-tasker, In my own mind.  I sped out the door as soon as they started singing the Sunday school opening hymn. Someone forgot to release the teachers to go prep. I released myself to do so.  I handed the agenda away as I ran out the door and frantically dogged people while sticking class signs on the doors. Then one of the presidency grabbed me to do a room change. It was Pandalerium as my dad would say in his best Jeff Foxworthy.  
  I put the class we were changing in the wrong class room, but it actually worked out OK in the end. Then I sorted out the Relief Society rolls. Did you know that? some one has to mark the teachers  in the RS rolls that teach primary. Its me!! and then hand out RS announcements. 

 We had a whole new family move in today, so I helped add them to the right class, then I ran and got the rolls from the clerk and distributed them to the teachers.  and then..  well I had a massive brain fart. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing. I though I had taken care of all the secretary stuff, but I couldn't find my teacher mode. I couldn't find my class. Which one was it? how old is CTR 6?!!! what does a 6 year old look like? oh it was a melt down. I went out in the hall and looked at my books, kind of blankly until someone said "Where is the teacher for CTR 6?"      Oh that's me!!!  "Well, go get that girl to quit standing on her chair!!" oh that is what teachers do during sharing time. OK.  melt down done. Found my class, got the girl to sit down.        
 I was there for seven minutes. I was really getting into the armor of God sharing time lesson.  and then....oh yes, secretary time. five minute warning for senior primary teachers, a chance to pick up class rolls, and drop off the RS roll, which I did in good time, dogging loose teenagers in the hall ways. 

  And then it was time to teach the six year olds.  I think we did well until the last fifteen minutes. I ran out of lesson materials and had them color, which some how turned into them trying to do gymnastics and me trying to get them to stop. Apparently they got a little too loud with their "coloring" and someone came to check on my class.  Finally, it was all over. I was again lost. What do I do now? Do I have some other secretary duty? oh yes, I have to collect JR primarys rolls, and take down the signs.  Done Done and Done.  now what?  Do I get to go home? I didn't know. I couldn't think any more. I wandered a few laps around, saw no one from primary, so I figured it was time to go home. I went for a walk, and then worked on some primary documents, before getting super frustrated with my Internet which has been having problems. Tried to call comcast a few times, got hung up on. Got to angry to speak. Cooked dinner (it was now 5.30pm)  My roommate called comcast and got it all fixed, and I went to go write a blog about how tired I was and why its crazy to have 3 callings and 9 am church all at the same time.  Oh yes, I still have one more calling. Single Adult rep. I don't know what to do with that one. I don't know who the other single adults in the ward are.  Any way, its only 7 pm, and I feel like its midnight.  What a Sunday. 

Please ignore my spelling errors. My Internet is still having issues, so spell check wont work because the connection is too slow or something. its hit or miss.