Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Cold, and Some Like to Heat Up the Ice.

 No, unfortunately this is not a blog post on my latest figure skating adventures. That is still on hold, probably till the end of summer.  Progress is coming along nicely, and I am healing at a decent rate, but considering the things a narrow skate boot can do to a not 100% foot, I think I will just chill on that a bit longer.

 I am however, playing softball, which means I am running on that foot a little bit. Yesterday we had a double header, and then we had another game today. I had a hard time walking when I woke up today, I expect to have a hard time tomorrow. I am icing my foot right as we speak in hopes to mitigate as much negative effect as possible.

 Unfortunately, I have run out of ice and I feel like I was attacked by the Borrowers with miniature sized hockey sticks all night last night, and then again today, so I want to Ice everything, but I don't have enough left to go around (I used 3 ice cube trays this morning, and failed to refill them).

 So, considering there are two options with soreness: 1) Ice to reduce swelling 2) Heat to relax tense muscles.            I have decided to use a combination. Which reminds me of the movie Rookie of the Year. Daniel Sterns character advises  the young star of the show, that he has found the key to the best of both worlds- Hot Ice. He heats up  the ice.  No, I did not heat up my ice.  but I am rotating the ice with heating pads around me, based on what is going on.  For my shoulder and feet- Ice. For my tight butt and leg and lower back, heat. If the ice hasn't completely melted after i hit the vital spots, Ill put it on a few more.

 Another thing about  that Daniel Stern character on Rookie of the Year, when he was doing batting practice he hit the ball straight up, and it came down and nearly hit him on the head. I almost did that in the game last night. I fouled the ball kind of funny, and it just went straight up.  Today I almost did the same thing throwing. My arm got tired, and I couldn't hold on when I threw the ball, and I released it way too early and thought it would come down on my head. Luckily it didn't, and luckily center field had my back.

 Softball is fun. I don't remember ever running or working this hard at it before though. I play right field so that I don't have to do much. Today that back fired as half the opposition was left handed, and they kept hitting it right to me.  I still had fun, but we lost all our games this week. I have been hitting and running well though, Although my foot and knee are going to hurt in the morning. Time to rotate the ice. Peace. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Day With the Clan

    I don't know why, It feels like it goes deep down to the core of my soul, something so ancient, so strong that it always transports me to a higher plane of thought, and then goosebumps and tears. Bagpipes. Is there a more beautiful and powerful instrument in the world? No, I think not.

 Walking around in the hot sun hearing Scotland the Brave/ Praise to the Man screaming into your ears buy a heard of kilt wearing bagpipers is probably one of the most amazingly powerful things in the world to me, and it always will be.  I am quite certain that the halls of the mansions of the Celestial Kingdom will be filled with such sounds and such people. Why else would God use a Scottish song and such a crazy instrument for a hymn of the restoration? Its a sign folks, its a sign.

 Today I woke up super early, and drove about an hour and a half with my Clan- the Whitemarshes,  to the Highland Games and Clan Gathering in Enumclaw, WA. For a day, I got to be a part of the Clan Donald (MacDonald)  And it was awesome.

 These are the things that make me really happy (in any order, not by importance):
1- Men in kilts.
2- Men in kilts playing bagpipes
3- Men in kilts throwing massive polls, weights, etc
4- Swords, leather, flags, and historical items
5- Bagpipe music.
6- Stuff from the British Isles, like food stuff, like seriously, I now like black pudding (thanks to Ireland), and haggis (well, I've liked that for a while now due to an earlier highland games in Utah.)
7- getting in touch with my ancestors.
8- Chilling with my clan all day.

It was a beautiful day. I had a lot of fun. I discovered my once great Scottish accent is lost. It keeps going Irish. Oh well, I'm Irish too, and those ancestors were also freaking awesome, as were the Welsh ones, and the English ones, and the German ones, and the Prussian ones, and the French ones. OK, I just love my family history, and I love  going to the Highland Games, and being transported, kind of, back in time for a day, even if I got sunscreen in my eyes, and turned lobster red despite two think applications of the stuff.  It was a great day.

I will just end this by saying:
 Real men wear kilts. Kilts are sexy, kilts are cool. I've yet to see one that looked bad in a kilt.  Please find me a husband that wears kilts, and if anyone can tell me which Clan wears the purple kilts, and if you can find me a good mormon boy to marry from that clan, that would be awesome, because I also love purple.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hello Word, How Ya Been?

It feels like ages!! Im so glad to talk to you all again. Its been quite a year, as you can tell from what I did post, and you can guess from what I didnt. A lots happened in the past two months, a lot of really hard things, but I feel like Ive learned a lot. Im sure Im not completely out of the forest of feelings, but I finally feel alive again today, and well.

I think yesterday I learned something valuable about myself, quite by accident, as I was talking to a friend and she pointed out something I had said without realizing.

What I said isnt important, what I learned is. I am the kind of person, that when something really hard to take happens, I tend to internalize and blame myself, rather than others. I forgive them quickly, then beat myself up for weeks.

Today, I stopped blaming myself. My friends who have told me repeatedly that its ok to be human have finally got their message through my thick skull, and I believe them. Sometimes life just happens and its nobodys fault, and you just need to process and then you are ok.

So, Lady Antibellums song, popped into my head quite appropriately as i left work. This is exactly how I feel today:  

Hello world, how ya been?
Its good to see you again, my old friend.
Sometimes I feel as cold as steel,
Broken, like Im never gonna heal.

A little faith, a little grace, a flag unfurls, hello world.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wanna Act Like a Child? Your Holiday Fun Is Here By Cancelled

  Sometimes my ability to dig in and be as stubborn as a kid with their fingers in their ear, singing "la la la la la la lalala la la"  and not listen to God amazes me.

 Man, I dont know how I was as an actually child, but I am one stinkin stubborn adult. Even if it means (which it usually does) that I am just prolonging my own misery, I have an ability to hunker down in there and  not listen at all.  This is when God shows his parenting skills and lovingly all my fun holiday plans were cancled,  and  most of my friends went away for a holiday weekend, whilst giving me an extended time out-  Ironically alone in my room/house/tent in the back yard.

 I will not say this entire weekend was void of all fun and socialization. At the moments I was on the verge of going mad, God sent me to a different corner, with a friend- to visit, or play Yahtzee or shoot off some fun fireworks. But the vast majority of my 4.5 day holiday was spent in solitude. In my house. With my dog. Or, possibly in my tent on the deck.

 At various points in my weekend, the spirit instructed me to go to my journal and write out the feelings I needed to deal with, so I could get them out and move on. At which point, I promptly found a movie to watch, something to clean or weed whack,  I spend about 5 hrs and way too much money at wal-mart,  and then I painted my cell phone cover, just to avoid doing what I knew would make me feel better about life, and help me move forward so I could start to have fun again for realz.

 Well, between the solitude, and fast Sunday hunger pains, God finally won out over my ignoring him, and instantly I feel quite a bit better.  I dont know if I will ever learn. In fact, I knew that if I just did as I felt I should I would feel better, but I guess I just wanted to be miserable a bit longer. Dont know why, that doesn't make sense, but its true.