Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dear Sochi, Thanks For The Memories

 For the first time ever, I think I have a favorite closing ceremonies.  I never remember those,  though I have some favorite opening ceremonies, I never like it when the games end.  I still dont, even today, I cried, and I feel kind of sad and empty.  When that flame extinguishes,  a little corner of my heart feels a little darker.

 I loved three things about those closing ceremonies- apart from the massive fireworks.  I loved the mascots being the ones to extinguish the flame, and that the bear cried a single tear. I wasn't alive in 1980, and the US boycotted any way, so I wouldn't have caught that reference without commentator help, but its always what I do, so Im glad the mascot did too.

I also loved that little reference to the ring malfunction in the opening ceremonies was the perfect way to deal with it. I will never forget that now, but in a positive way, because it made me smile instead of just leaving me feeling sad about it.

and finally, I loved President Bach's speech. I loved his opening speech, I loved his closing speech even more, and I love that we are rid of the whole "greatest games ever" routine. It became a bit cliche, and then you felt bad when a country didnt get it. I like President Bach, I think of all the IOC Presidents in my life time, he seems the one that most gets it, that most embodies the true spirit of the Olympics and the one best poised to stand and defend it.  The Olympics are unique- multiple Countries get together for all kinds of sporting events, but not for multiple sporting events, and cultural events. The Olympics are something special, and are meant to be something to bring everyone together in the pursuit of greatness for mankind, his closing speech tonight said it better than I can, and I loved it.

 So, the games are over, and Im kind of sad. What will I take away and remember from these games?

Well,  there are many sports you can still do in the Olympics into your 40's which I think is great, but figure skating will probably never again be one of them, as Evgyny Plusinko showed us, its just too hard on the body.

Another thing, the Olympics will always be a time for the unexpected.  If you expect a gold in hockey, you probably wont get it. Just expect the unexpected, like getting locked in the bathroom and having to break your door down.  Even with little things like "Sochi water"  which caught a lot of people visiting off guard, things like that can be funny, or surprising, or a cultural lesson, and I think the Olympics are good at teaching us, not the whole world sees things or experience things, or even has water  the same way. I'd say in most Foreign countries, just buy bottled water to drink.

But as they said this was the Athletes games, and there are a lot of athletes that I loved watching, but I'm probably going to forget them. But there are some I will never forget, and some that will have altered me forever.

1- Jeremy Abbot.   Quite honestly, He didn't start out well, and I was wondering what he was doing there, but nothing defines the true meaning of the Olympic games to me more than when he fell on that jump and then got up and skated better than I'd ever seen him skate. That was unforgettable.

2- Noelle Pikus-Pace.  Great Athlete. Good example. Very Mormon.  Also, amazing to me that she had a baby and thats what made for her come back. Im just all around impressed with this lady, even if we didn't have a religion and some friends in common.

3-  Ashley Wagner.  Most Expressive face on the planet.  and I just like her. Shes fun.

4- This should be #1. Team GB women Curlers Eve Muirhead, Vicky Adams, Anna Sloan, and Clair Hamilton.  Before this Olympics, my interest in curling was 0. In fact, I think I just put it on to watch because it was on, and I was like, what the heck,  I'll see if I can get why this is an Olympic sport.  I may owe some thanks to commentator Jackie Lockheart- a Scottish, former Olympic curler  that commentated curing for the BBC. She made it exciting, and understandable. But, even with Lockheart, the GB men's team didn't captivate me as much as the women, who were far more expressive and exciting to watch. It was also good to see that curling is challenging enough, that sometimes the sweepers fall. I didn't know that was possible. Never has something so, well, calm, kept me up to all hours of the night. Those girls made it as exciting as watching brave heart, or a caber toss, rather than boring like watching golf, or tennis.  I am now going through massive withdrawals, and I dont know what I'm going to do, because I dont know where one can watch curling in the US, but even so, if I can't have Lockheart commentating, and if I have to watch the Americans, I dont know if I will love it as much. I do like watching the Canadians though., and the Russians, so if its an international event it will still work. But really, what I want is more Lockheart, and more team Muirhead.   The good news is, I now understand curling well enough, I think I could play it. In fact, I defeated an opponent on my N64 Nagano Olympic game curling competition, which I've never done before.

One other thing about these curlers, and most of them that I saw, excepting, well, the Americans. They are mostly young and super fit athletes. I thought curlers were pudgy, out of shape middle aged folk. Not so any more. Eve Muirhead goes to the gym at least 3 times a day, and all the team GB women have an extrordinary fitness level, and now days, you need that to compete in curling. These women helped teach me respect for an extraordinary and ancient game.

And thats pretty much what I will take from these Olympics. That, and a new work out schedule as soon as I am better enough from this cold to do so. I need to start working out like Eve Muirhead, so that when I go to the try curling clinic in September, maybe I'll be fit enough to make it my new sport, or I could go back to adult level figure skating- if my feet are ever un injured.

I think there is one more group of athletes that deserve a mention at these Olympics, one more team.
This shout out goes to all the Sliders of Latvija. You guys were truly inspiring, thanks for that.

Honorable mention to The Lithuanian Ice dance pair, I loved watching them skate, as well as the ladies singles skater from Northern Ireland. Im not going to try to write your names, because I'll miss spell them without looking them up, but it was a great pleasure to watch.

So Sochi, there may have been some snafus, and cultural miss understandings at the start, but you truly made this an athletes games, so thank you to the volunteers, to the organizers, and to everyone for a really great, and memorable Olympic games. Im glad we didn't boycott, I dont think thats ever a good idea.  And I think we can all be glad no one died.  Vancover, Atlanta , and many other Olympic hosts can't claim that one, so Im pretty glad we didn't need any moments of silence for that. (though I do understand there was a moment of silence for an athlete that died in training (not at Sochi) to get to the Olympics, and thats still sad.

Random Olympic Thoughts (part 3)

The final compilation of my in the moment Facebook thoughts from this game. The last few days have less because I got really sick, so I had less thoughts. Bound to happen after 16 days on a super weird sleep schedule in the middle of winter.

Without further ado- here they are...

Who knew the French were any good at cross country skiing? I certainly wouldn't have thought so, but today I am proven wrong.

Its kind of weird to hear passenger playing over the speakers at the cross country event. wouldn't that effect the rhythm and speed of the skiers to have music? can they hear that while they ski?

What an amazing race for the cross country team relay race. good job guys

One of team Russia was a figure skater before she went to curling. Maybe I need to follow her example.

practicing my sweeping techniques, and shouting for curling tonight, I brushed my dogs teeth, the whole time calling out- clean!! Clean!! whoa Whoa!! Clean!! Whoa!! Sweep!! hard hard hard!!! I think his teeth were brushed quite excellently, and he can stay in the house. 

Boarder cross is canceled due to fog, guess that means I can go to bed "early"

Lithuania are skating to Skyfall, super awesome. Go Lietuva!! Very exciting number to watch, and they get vocals, because its ice dance. Looks like they are skating well to me, but I'm not an ice dance expert. Good job Tobais and Stagniunas!!

My aunt Elaine would be supper proud of me, im watching four screens at once this morning, it takes skill to watch that many sporting events at once

America have got to work on their shooting, we've had to ski a penalty every lap this morning, but were keeping near the top, if we shot better, we'd be there.

Austrailia are skating to circus music! Why!! Kill me now!!

No people say they don't believe, Monaco has a bobsled team.

Watching bobsled and I see an orange sled, and men in orange suits, and im like, Orange? What country wears orange? Duh!! Netherlands! Where have you been this games? Must be early morning yet.

Good transfer of energy on that shot denmark. Well played stones

Oh my! One of the ice dancers appears to have a Picaso on the back of her dress

Michael Jackson tribute? Well played Brits. Such fun! Well skated.

One thing ive learned this morning, every sport is more exciting and dramatic with ice dance music playing in the background of it.

Apparently michael jackson tributes and spy themes are all the rage in figure skating this year

Ive just noticed, curling, biathalon and cross country ski are probably the only sports thay dont show incessant instant replays. Probably because if you missed it the first time, showing it again slower isnt going to help you catch it.

Great Britains eminent curling victory over Denmark is well hightened by the music medley from les miserables that one of the american ice dance couples are skating to. (Great Britain ended up loosing. I blame my remark here). 

Oops, I jinxed my team. Gb lost to denmark in overtime, now they have to play Canada in the semi finals

Im tired. I think I need a nap. The good news is, I dont need to stay up late to watch Ice dance in prime Time. the bad news is, this means I cant go on and on about the winners until tomorrow.

Just watched the documentary "The Price of Gold" on the whole Tanya-Nancy incident. Interesting. I have a slightly different perspective about both skaters now, but still am undecided if I fully believe one way or another on Tanya's envolvement. The one thing I didn' t like about this, was that it made Oksana Baiule's winning the gold medal look like an additional scandal, and I think thats just rubbish, even if that were to have been the case, its not going to help anyone at all to uncover that now. focus on your main story people.

Ive gotten in the habit of asleep watching the Olympics. I dont know how Im going to sleep after this coming sunday. Is there a sounds of british curling cd I can purches somewhere?

If I were a fast runner, I'd so do bobsled. Unfortunately Im not, but I did get to ride in a bobsled once, and it was a lot of fun.

I know not everyone likes lolo jones, but I sure enjoy her unique personality and extraordinary athletic abilities. Im glad that shes in the Winter Olympics now. That coach from cool runnings (well, at leasty john candy's version, I dont know if the real one said it) Runners make the best bobsleders. And I'd probably add, it looks like figure skaters make pretty great curlers.

 Scott Hamilton has always been my favorite. This was so what I needed to hear tonight. What a good man. The world needs a few more of him. (on Scott Hamiltons faith video)

wow photo finish at biathalon today, thats exciting

Watching an interview with an american snowboard cross-er, and all I could think was= that man has no eyebrows. Then I remembered that I have really blond hard to see eyebrows too, so maybe I shouldn't be so judgy.

Latvia made it into the hockey quarter finals? Good job Latvia!!!

It would appear Ted Ligity had no cold problems today. 

congratulations to Finland, and anyone of Finish decent, its a great day for anyone who beats the Russians at hockey on their home turf.

Im quite sad tomorrow is the last day of curling, I have grown to love it over the past two weeks, and Eve Muirhead is my new favorite Olympian.

I've never liked "send in the clowns." That hasn't changed tonight. pretty skating, but I hate that song

is it just me, or have the skating skirts gotten shorter?

Does yulia Lipninskya remind anyone else of Prim from the Hunger games? especially with that fall today, she looked so sad. well, she fell, of course she was sad. awesome braid though.

Congratulations to Eve Muirhead and the girls on a well played Olympics.#lovecurling #teamgb

I've become the kind of person that completely enjoys watching ten ends of curling. Dont know how that happend but it did

So great to finally watch, in its entirety 10 ends of Eve, Anna, Vicky, and the quiet red headed one who's name I always forget, win the Bronze. I so love womens curling, and Im so excited to see the men tomorrow. GO TEAM GB CURLING!!! (AKA Scotland  )

Im trying to will the puck into the back of the net so team usa can score one, but its just isn't working. perhaps the sinus meds have deminished the strength of the force within me.

I think amid all the controversy with the womens figure skating, we are overlooking the fact that Carolina Kostner skated to Bolero and did an excellent job of it. Im a day behind watching, but I really enjoyed watching that one

we are seriously looking like we wont medal in men's hockey. What the crap?

5-0 with less than 6 minutes, I'm calling it. We just got slaughtered by the Fins. Another good day to be Finish.

weird start to the champions gala, but im pretty happy any time someone decideds to bring in the song Je t'aime. Laura Fabien is one of my favorite french singers.

Im in love with that spanish figure skater javier, and totally geeking out at the same time. What a guy!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Random Olympic Thoughts (part 2)

Yesterday, one of my friends had told me, she thought I should compile all my Olympic thoughts together somewhere, because they are so awesome. I told her I already had done, and more were to come. So, since she missed part 1, here's part two...

When I watch the Winter Olympics, Here are my random thoughts:

Hearing the women of team GB curling shout orders at each other, feels a bit like watching Braveheart. Probably because they are all Scottish. FREEDOM!! SWEEP!! NOOOOOO!!!

In the Olympics Games, Snow borders go big. Going home isn't an option. Thats Badassedness to the max.

"thats part of the game, manage your stones, and manage the Ice" one of the curling comentators, talking about rouge stones that aren't behaving how they are supposed to.

second on my list of sports of Olympic Insanity- Skeleton Luge. like really? lets go head first, as fast as we can down an Ice track. Those women have some real courage, you couldn't pay me to do that one.

Jeremy Abbots short program is my mental definition of the Lithuanian word "Pastenga" maybe not for anyone else, but to get up after falling that hard and jump, and skate like that, thats incredible. That is just plain not giving up, and making it happen. I have fallen hard l before, and probably not even anywhere near as hard as he did.But to get up and skate at all after, let alone land everything, to control muscles that have been smacked hard on the ice like that, so so incredible that he did that. I remember I tripped on my toe pick once at a competition warm up, and fell and landed hard (yes, you can laugh, it was a cutting edge moment) and my legs tightened up and spasmed so bad after it was really hard for me to control my landings on my jumps. This was kind of like when Jamaica crashed their bobsled and carried it across the finish line, because they had to finish the race.

Feeling for Evgeni Plushenko, big hugs and love to you man. It was so fun to watch him in the team competetion, Im sad he was hurt, but you could totally see from the jump footage that he wasn't feeling his legs, and he was hurting. Getting old SUCKS!! and yes, 30's and figure skating is hard on your body, and it just doesn't heal the same. There is a reason figure skaters are so young.

So excited to spend tonight with my first true love. We've been destined for each other since I was two. I love you, Olympic Games!! Je t'aime les jeux d'Olympics!! — feeling twitterpated.

Watching highlights of curling, Denmark fell. I've never seen anyone fall curling before, but there it was.

I swear every olympics, winter and summer, they nick name someone the Russian Rocket, and its rarely the same guy. Do they think we wont notice that?

I love it "to all the youth out there, remember who you are and what you stand for" How often you you get to hear that at the olympics, from a silver medalist? Congratulations Noelle Pikus-Pace!!

another reason I love Olympic Curling- it starts with Bag Pipes- playing Scotland the Brave, and men marching in wearing kilts. LOVING the curling.

practicing for skeleton by watching the olympics laying on my stomach. i hate laying on my stomach. maybe its not the sport for me.

To practice Ski Jumping  Im going to lean in a plank against the couch, with my legs in a v shape, and pretemñnd im flying through the air

I didn't even know spain had figure skaters till europeans this year, but my oh my Javier goes big doesn't he. Impressive skating.

I've learned all sorts of things this week, about being in the house, and having the hammer, and what a hack really is.maybe the hammer, in curling, is symboic of thor's hammer, because if you get to throw the last stone, you have the power.

I love me some Riverdance on ice 

most sports I watch, I think, Am I fit enough to do that. Curling I watch and I think, Am I cleaver enough to do that?

I'd say latvia benefited greatly from hosting world cup luge events this year. They have become quite the country of sliders.

today I practiced for curling, while putting my groceries away. I curled two milk jugs into good position in my fridge.

Russia v USA hockey, what a great match. TJ Oshie, I could kiss you!

Im really starting to feel for Bode Miller, this has not been his Games.

one of canada's male curlers is sporting the mr. Clean look, bald head, pretty good biceps, oh yeah, and he's tatooed. you wouldn't expect that in curling.

I wish I could watch Ice Dance with John Christopher Obzansky, because he could explain all the things about Ice Dance that I just dont get. Why did you move away Chris?

Watching lithuania in the olympics makes me especially happy.

And Lithuania take the lead by a lanslide in the Mandi's favorite music selection competition. Very good music, even if it didnt work for Robbin Cousins.

I love the Jamaican bobsled team. I just love them

Monaco has a bobsled team? really?

One thing ive noticed about the ice dance, the better skaters have chosen better music. I think that speaks to taste level

We interupt our olympic watching now, for a church time out. Davis and White, Jamaica, Ill see you in prime time

you can never doubt that the cross country skiers have given their all, because they always colapse at the finish.

boarder cross kind of reminds me of the hunger games. Often in the early rounds people will work together as a team, but when it gets to the final rounds, no matter how much you love the person next to you, you cant both win it, and its every man/woman for his/her self.
however, i suppose there is a chance you could tie for a gold,- pull a peeta and katniss, but thats pretty hard to do without both of you just loosing

and thats part 2, of my Olympic thoughts. One more week of action to go, so Im sure I will have plenty more random things to say about it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Random Olympic Thoughts (Pt 1), By Mandi Marquardt

Well, just in case you didn't catch these in my fb news feed, I am gathering them all to one place. My Random Olympic Thoughts. More to come, we aren't even half way through the games yet. But here they are, with a few bonus ones.

Sometimes, I stay up till four in the morning watching curling. Not because I really like curling, I just think one of the British curlers, and one of the Russian curlers are super hot, and them yelling at their teammates in their respective languages/accents suddenly made curling 100% facinating to me. If there were posters, I'd buy one and hang it on my wall.

Always, I think that Ralph Lauren should be banned from designing any more of our team outfits. Thats two fails, two Olympics in a row Ralph, I dont think you should get three strikes, this hear's the Olympics, not some stupid pushcart derby! Go big or go home!! Those althletes deserve an effort that doesn't mock all the work and years of life they've put into this.

Always Torvill and Dean's Bolero routine is still, in my opinion, the greatest piece of skating ever done. (wipes away a tear). 

Sometimes, Pleshinko skates, and I just want to move to Russia and marry him. He's kind of like Philippe Candalero used to be, you know, like back when I was 12. 

Always I think Pairs skaters are insane. Amazing. Talented. Great to watch. Insane.

Sometimes I watch the Olympics, and still think its 1994. I ask dumb questions like Whatever happend to Alberto Tomba, Torvill and Dean, Katerina Witt, Where is Johan Olav Koss, and Bonnie Blair?  And then I realize,  most of them were already kind of old for athletes in 1994, 20 years later would be really pushing it.

Always, I will love the Jamaican bobsled team best. And when they march into the stadium I will sing "no people say they dont believe, Jamaica we gotta bobsled team! GO JAM!!!"

Sometimes, when Im watching the Olympics Minnie Driver is in a commercial for a TV show, and she sings about the Olympics, and then I want to watch that show, because I love watching Minnie Driver, and I love people who sing about the Olympics.

Sometimes, during the Winter Olympics, It snows in Seattle, when its slushy in Sochi.

Sometimes, When I watch the Olympics I say stuff like this, out loud, then post it on Facebook "Did I just hear throw quad toe loop? I think I did, and she had the rotation. Female pairs skaters ARE INSANE!! But good job team USA, way to skate."  and this "What is it the Dutch do thats so different from everyone else? why are they so unstoppable at long track speed skating?

... and this "really excited about watching cross country skiing and hearing the crowd chant "Latvija, Latvija, Latvija" yay Latvia!!!  

"I much prefer long track speed skating to short. Its so fun to watch, and its all about speed, not fighting for positions" 
                         or even
"Interesting that Russian and Scottish seem to be the least obnoxious languages/ accents you can yell while curling in. American and Swedish are kind of annoying for curling. At least more so than the other two."

And sometimes, I even cheer for non American athletes, in their own languages. "Allez Fourcade!"

sometimes I watch pairs skaters come onto the ice and I think, What on earth do they have those crazy costumes for (like a hot pink body suit and a blue soldier looking outfit) then their music starts playing (pink panther) and it suddenly makes sense, but I still just wonder why? why would you skate to that? and why would you wear that? well, pairs will be pairs. thats Why I always have done singles. I do love to watch their craziness though. I kind of admire their ability to just be wacky and crazy pairs skaters, and skate amazingly even in a hot pink body suit.

sometimes, when Im watching curling in the olympics, I just think- will this End ever end? eventually it does, but usually not fast enough. The men take so much longer than the women. I prefer womens curling. Their Ends end in a reasonable amount of time, I fall asleep before the mens is over, then I have to look up who won. 

Sometimes, When Im watching Shawn White snowboard, I just think he's really hot. I mean, what else is there to think? I love his new hair cut, and he's hot. I think I want to get a giant poster of him with his new haircut for my geek room, Im so geeking out on Shawn, gold or no gold, I love that hair!!

Sometimes, watching pairs skating, they pick classy outfits, and classy music, and I just think. WOW so beautiful. So So beautiful.

Sometimes, when watching the cross country skiing and biathalon events, I often think- Man, I chose the wrong sport to start when I was five, Or else I chose the wrong sport to start up when I was twelve. Either I should have started skating at five, or I should have stuck with the skiing, I could have made it to the olympics starting that young. I am really good at shooting. DANG IT!!! too late now, im too out of shape to cross country ski that fast, and long.

Sometimes, no, everytime I watch the doubles luge, I just think who the heck thought this up? like really? was there an emergency and two people needed to get to the bottom of the luge run, and the one guy was just like, hey share this tiny little sled with me, we'll go down together, its totally safe. And then someone saw them do it, and that two bodies are faster than one, and were like, hey, you can't hide weights in a luge, because theres no where to hide them ,but i bet me and my buddy- that weighs more than your buddy, I bet we can go down that slipery slope much faster than you can.

Always, Shawn White, I still Love you. Gold or no Gold. I love you.

Sometimes when I watch luge doubles, Latvia looks like they may just get the gold, but then they get the bronze instead, but its Latvia, so im still really happy.

Sometimes when im watching the Winter Olympics, and I keep seeing latvia, and they keep doing really well, and sometimes, they are even better than the americans. and then I'm like, wow, Im glad I've lived in latvia, latvia is cool, now the world knows it.

Always, when Torah Bright smiles, the world wins gold. what a nice happy person to watch.

Sometimes, when Im watching the Winter Olympics, and the comercials that come on are themed for the Summer Olympics, I get a little mad. You dont see Winter Olympic themed commercials during the summer games, why you dis'in' us Winter Olympic folks by taking our space? and what ever happened to those cute coke polar bears? commercials during the Olympics have gotten super lame. They used to have super bowl quality. Actually, come to think of it, the super bowl commercials were mostly not that great either. We are lacking ideas for selling people crap they dont need these days. Maybe thats a good thing?

Sometimes, When Im watching the Olympics, there's a tie for gold. EVERYBODY WINS. well, at least two people and their countries win. but really, everybody wins, because its rare and exciting. You should get an extra gold, for matching the top time as measured by less than seconds. Cool BEANS!!! I feel kind of sad that no one gets a silver though,they just skip right to bronze. No one gets second- NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

Sometimes, when Im watching Pairs, they skate to Skyfall, and I sing along, Adele's part. and I nail it like a throw triple Axel.

Always, I love the P&G Olympian mom comercials, I have to thank my mom everytime I see them, for taking me to the skating rink at 5 am for years.

Sometimes, the Pair from China skate to a medely from Les Miserables, and my living room turns into a musical, and a skating rink all at the same time.

Sometimes, during the medal ceremonies, I stand on a chair with my hand on my heart, and mouth the national anthem, and imagine I Just won gold. 

Always, I thank you for reading my blog.  May the flame of the Olympic Spirit burn in your heart. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Parade Day - Seattle 2014

I didn't really plan well for today, Like a lot of people, I think I underestimated how big this whole post Superbowl victory parade was going to be.  My original plan, had been to go to work like normal, step out for an hour for the parade, and then work an hour late giving fans a few hours to leave the city, or stay late and party, and then me go home like normal.

 I knew the second I got off the ferry, there was a chance I may need to recalebrate that plan. By 7:30 panic set into my office, with reports of bus delays and even bigger ferry delays, two of my co-workers decided to call it, take their laptops and go work from home. I felt like if I did all the work to get to work, I may as well tough it out. So I did.

 As the day went on and reports of 650 stuck at one ferry terminal and 150 at another, I decided a new plan was in fact necissary. It was freezing cold outside, and crowded, so me and a co worker scoped out a window where we could have seen probably more of the parade than what I was actually able to see, but ultimately, we decided we wanted to be in that crowd, even if it was cold, and well, crowded.

 At 12:00 we bundled up and headed out.  The office was pretty much empty. Everyone was working from home except me and the person I went to the parade with, and our season ticket holder and the person he selected to go to the stadium with him.

At 12:10 we reached the top of the hill, and found a spot. There were so many people that it wasn't too cold at first. At 12:12 we had our "moment of loudness" which was fun.  and then we checked and the parade was running about an hour late.  so we waited, and chanted and waited. It started to get cold. Then Marshawn Lynch showed up throwing skittles, and made it all worth while. I saw the trophy, but not who was holding it, I saw tight ends, and running backs, and then I really couldn't see anything after that because everyones cell phones got higher and higher.

 At about 1:00, I decided I had had my part in the parade, even though people were still coming, I figured it was my only shot, I could go to the ferry or spend all night trying to get home. So I went, and got there just in time to be at the front of the ferry line for the 2pm sailing.  I was one of the first 50 people to board, Im prety sure the boat was filled to capacity- people were sitting on the floor or standing. It took a long time to unload on the other side.  and it took an hour plus to get  home when I got off that boat.

So yes, I went to the parade, and I couldn't see much, and I was freezing cold. But it was worth it. To feel that atmosphere, and to have been one of 700,000 was totally worth it. I was in france in 1998, but I didn't get to be in Paris at the Champs Elysee, but I got to be in seattle today, and that was special.

One unique thing about seattle that I would like to remark, even with 700,000 people in seattle today, and hours in the cold, and waiting for ferries, throughout the entire day, I didnt cross one rude person, everyone was kind to each other, and everyone gave each other space, and didn't push and shove and cut in line, or even jay walk, that I saw. That is incredibly impressive I think.

Well, Olympics start tomorrow. Let the partying continue. Im watching what I missed of the parade online.