Friday, March 28, 2014

A Post-Olympic Update On Me

Well,  we've had radio silence on this blog for perhaps too long now. I've been thinking for a few weeks now maybe I should write something. But after the Olympics ended, what of great import did I have to say?  Sure, I could probably write about Ukraine, or mudslides, that's all sad, and important, but the truth is, after there was no more curling on, I just had nothing to say about anything else. Considering how much I've never cared about curing till this point, that's a little crazy, but what can I say.

 I was truly inspired by Eve Muirhead and her curling team of awesome from Scotland, and even though I'd try to write something after witnessing all that badassedness on ice (yes, I made up that word, and its my new favorite word and I'll use it every chance I get. Its pronounced ba dass ed ness in case you are wondering).

So, with nothing really to say, I turned my focus and energy to art. and painted a most incredible painting of my newest inspiration, and hung it beneath my figure skating medals from years past, when my feet were not so injured and ridiculous.
As you can very clearly see from this painting, I have no training, and have the skills of maybe a middle school er when it comes to my artistic abilities. Actually, I think I did ok on team Muirhead, but the rink is a little skewed.  Ok, it still looks live a 12 year old may have painted this, but I proudly claim it at age 32, because I have no formal training. 

So yes, part of what I have been doing with my time, not writing, is painting. Lovely.  Well, soon, I found a shortage of hearing Scottish accents in my life to be rather depressing, So I re-watched the entire Monarch of the Glen series. Some parts twice. I know. I know.  And when that ended, I turned to BBC radio Scotland Podcasts. But you know I still just want to watch some curling. Where do you watch curling in the US? I know of no where.   

Next, I decided that I should take up curling myself.  I found a rink in Seattle, but the try curling days were booked for the season, so I talked to my co-workers, and decided we were all going to train and prepare so we could try it, like it, and start our own team in the fall. That's right team Muirhead, watch out, because a bunch of out of shape Americans are going to steal the bronze from you next Olympics around.  Oh wait, sorry, no were not.  But I did decided to start working out and eating healthy again so I can be effective in my trying curling, and returning to skating and whatever else I decided to add to the list. So I have done, but unfortunately I had a severely jammed and swollen toe, from January, when I kicked my fire place bricks barefooted in the dark trying to find my way back to my bedroom, and additionally had begun to develop tendonitis, which is now full blown,stark raving mad and destroying all my dreams. 

 so, being unable to walk normally, or stand for very long, I had to modify my work outs, and stop my re-attempts to make a glorious return to figure skating. I am still working out and eating healthy though, so good job me. And I still have my co-workers doing our daily training, what I like to call "stretchy time"  And my success in motivating people who had mostly no desire to, to do 15 minutes of warm ups and stretching at  work daily has made me think perhaps rather than family counseling, my skills would be more suited for sports psychologist, so we've gone from a five year back to school, career changing plan to a ten year plan. Thanks for that curling. I'm now doubling down on my homework in the hopes that I can accomplish this new goal before I am old, grey haired, and no one wants to hire me. 

Finally, a few weeks ago, someone gave me a keyboard, and I decided to once again try to learn how to play it. But that's not all, I can't practice one instrument without picking up all of them. With Scotland on my mind, I decided I need to practice on my bagpipe practice chanter, and hopefully learn to play the pipes, as I had dreamed of doing 5 years ago when I bought the thing. After all, Eve Muirhead plays the pipes, and she's cool. But, let us not forget, I keep neglecting my guitar, so I have to practice that too. 

If some of you have wondered why you haven't seen or heard much from me in a while,  here is basically how my days are looking right now.  week day- 
wake up at 5 am, leave to work. Scripture study on the bus, nap on the ferry. Work.   8 am lead stretchy time.  work. eat lunch. work. go for a walk (on flat ground,as my doctor said no inclines) have second personal stretchy time for my tendonitis, followed by Icy time for my foot.  Work.   go home. Sleep on ferry. Study psychology on the bus ride after the ferry.  arrive home. Pay bills/check mail, take dog to potty, etc.      5:30 pm- work out.  This varies from day to day, but I assure you I am being really careful to not over or under do it. I want to heal, and get fit. shower/Ice foot.  When that's finished, I'm pretty much starving, so the next hour is cooking dinner. sometimes two hours. I make stuff from scratch, and I make lunch for the next day by creating leftovers. Then I practice a musical instrument, sometimes two, for 20-30 min each.  then I need a break, so I watch some BBC show, or else Under the Gunn, or Nashville.  Then I do my homework a bit more, and go to bed. 

Weekends are pretty much the same, but add in time for church stuff, some socializing (so i don't become a hermit), translating family history for a friend (from french to English- Ive been working on it for months)  and playing with my dog, fixing my car (as it seems to need everything fixed lately), or planting my garden.   Laundry. Dishes. Church callings. 

I'm feeling highly productive these days, but some what socially deprived, and possibly insane. I'm 32, what kind of 32 year old does this kind of stuff?   Its a tough balance, but when you dream big like I do, sacrifices must be made, and then I become weird.  ha ha.  So tonight, I took a night off, so I could write this and  connect a bit with my human friends. Hello human friends!! I've missed you, come join me curling in the fall!!!