Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whovian Slumber Pranks

 I currently am blessed to have a friend and her husband staying with me for a night or two.   They, like me, are big fans of Doctor Who.  As her husband was putting their bags in my spare room, he noticed my Israeli Civilian gas mask, which I bought for a Halloween costume this year, to be a "gas mask zombie" from Doctor Who.

 As the husband remarked about this to me, my friend said- just don't put it on and walk out here in the middle of the night.  this led to some great ideas between the two of us, for slumber pranks.

1. Put on gas mask, shuffle out to the living room where they are sleeping, and ask "Are you my mummy?"

she retaliated with, you do that...

2. Draw tally marks on your friends arm in their sleep.

3. Using one of the many phone apps available, play the TARDIS noise and watch your friend run to the window searching for the Doctor.

4. Take an angel statue. Move it every few minutes when your friend isn't looking.

5. change their wi-fi name to show as "┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐"

6. repeat everything they are saying while acting catatonic

7. get a mannequin. have it standing by their bed when they

This is just a start, but sounds like a night of fun to me ;)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

God loves me, #lovecurling

Today was, well, rough. From what Ive heard, it was rough for everyone. But, I cant speak for everyone, so this one is about me.

Last night I missed the blood moon/ eclipse because I was exhausted and went to bed earily. Quite honestly, I dont care I missed it, but it did me no good.

I had horrible nightmares about work, and getting yelled at by analysts for messing up on our yearly inventory, which we are currently working on. That is the one thing about my job that makes me want to quit, yearly inventory. Also, between dreaming of getting cussed out at work, i dreamed that my family and friends pretty much all decided they hated me too, and they were quite rude about it.

It was, of course, all just a dream, but i woke up feeling sad, exhausted, and completly gutted. Add to the mix my cell phone is on its last leg, my computer hasnt worked for a week and a half, i have online mid terms i need to take, bills i need to pay (online), and future school/ carrer stuff i need to work on, and of course the ward bulletin. So, my stress level is rising. Dont even get me started on my car, or my achellies tendonitis.

Now, in real life, ive had loads of help from loads of wonderful friends and home teachers, but im still a lot overwhelmed right now. as im sure we all are.

So today on my way into work i checked my twitter, because I now tweet. Follow me @mandigoobs. Any way, i dont really get twitter yet, but im trying. But i do enjoy hearing about my faviorite curling team @teammuirhead. And i knew they were on route to the last gig of the season, and its not televised or on the internet, so i thought id check in to see how they were fairing.  Well, they had a rough day today too.

Their first flight was delayed five hours. Then they had to take seperate flights because the plane was full, and i think they had another hour delay. Then half of them had their bags lost, and part of them flew part  way there then had to drive the rest the way.

I dont know about you, but id feel pretty grumbly about that, and i might not do my best, jet lag, no relax and get in the zone time, prettt much show up exhausted in the nick of time, borrow someone elses clothes and just get through it.

The future sports psychologist in me was facinated with these elite athletes and how they would handle this scenario. Mental toughness, taxed to the max. And curling is as much a mental game as physical, and yes, its physical, dont mock. At that level it is.

Well, im sorry to say for you, team muirhead pulled it together and won their match tonight, increasing my admiratio. For them, so youre going to keep hearing about curling.

But that wasnt all. I was listening to my bbc radio one scott mills podcast, and my favorit curling comentator Jackie Lockhart got a clip from the olympics on inuendo bingo. Hillarious, and made my afternoon. I felt a bit lighter.

And then i got on the bus, and i dont know why, i had news my computer was working, id just laughed, the curling team made it, everything was going well, but i suddenly just got really sad and felt like the biggest looser in town, all my big plans for the future, i knew i can acomplish them, but will I? And for a moment, i just felt like there was no winning, like life will always end up feeling a little empty, and ill dream big and fall short.

And I went home, and watches a few clips on bbc radio ones youtube channel, on my phone while i cooked dinner, in preperation to go get my computer back in working order. And i just thought, its always going to be this roller coaster isnt it? Unstopable incredable dreams and abilities one minute, then a big internal fight with doubt the next.

Well randomly, my youtube on my phone suggested a curling mixed championship for me to watch next. I didnt even know if any of my favorites were in it, but i thought, sure, why not. I want to curle next year, lets see what we see.

The video didnt work, so i selected a different one from the same competition and got to work on my tacos. It didnt seem to work either, then suddenly i heard eve muirheads voice and my mood just lifted. Massive tender mercy for me, and hope and confidence returned instantly. If team muirhead could tough out today, and still win, i could win today too.

So i got in my car, picked up my laptop, that just needed a new keyboard and was working great with external keyboard, and off i went, to go home and work out while watching curling.

After a week and a half with no computer, i had big plans for the second i got home, multi tasking like yoy wouldnt believe. But it was not to be. I had seen it work myself, but when i got home, it just wouldnt. So my friend came over to have another look at it, and to keeo from tantrum mode, i decided to distract myself positively. So I played curling, nagano 1998 n64 style. And I came from massively behind, to win in multiple matches, and ultimately get the bronze medal, further than ive ever got on that game before, twice in the same night.

The computer had to go away for morw looking into and sorting out. None of my stressors have gone away, but, i feel like God taught me a little about my own mental toughness today, so maybe it was worth it. I also learned, or had a reminder of, just how much God loves me and is aware of me. I dont think anyone else would have used so much curling in one day to cheer me up. But God gets me, he knows Im totally geeking out about curling right now, and sports psychology, and he used the lot to both cheer me up and teach me valuable life lessons.

Inspiration can come from all sorts of unthought of places. Take it where you find it, and run with it, do great things, even if they arw just small things done in a great way. And... #lovecurling.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dont let age stop you

I have to write this on my phone, as, well, I accidently "baptized" my computer, and it wasnt happy about it, so it quit working. Blogging on my phone is super annoying, but, I feel this post is worth it.

Last night I had a rare opportunity to talk to a guy from the AASP. Who?  The american association of sports psychology. My voice rose at least two octives after the termination of that call last night, because Im that excited and giddy about my potential future as a sports psychologist.

The thing is, Ive been drifting kind of aimlessly for about five years now, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. And a lot of the options i had considered had a definite shelf life, and limitations like you cant apply after your mid thirties.

Im now 32, and I figured out, those jobs werent what i really want to do any way. So, ive been racking my brain the past few years, going through all my interests and trying to pick something, because i dont want to keep doing what im doing.

Finally, I found something i liked enough to start back to school. Coynseling, and psychology. It seems a good fit, but I still kept feeling like something was missing from the formula, something was short of what I needed to be doing.

Then the Olympics happened and everything clicked into place. I kept hearing about lolo jones, and all my favorite curlers using sports psychologists. Sports psychologist? That sounds amazing! But what do they do exactly, and how do you become one?

I did a lot of internet research, which lead me to the AASP, and resulted in my phone conversation, a clearer acedimic direction, much excitement, and my favorite moment of the night.

See, due to the amout and years of school i need to do this, the previously mentioned age limited jobs i looked into, and probably from being a figure skater, which although there are opportunities to your seventies if you'd like, often has an end at twenty or or thirty kind of attitude (this i believe is changing, but very slowly).

When I first emailled the AASP, I let those old Age fears scare me a bit, and it came out in my writing. But in the past month or so, as i learned more about sports psychology, i decided I didnt care and I.d go for it any way.

But, It was a perfectly, in my opinion, sports psychologist thing that my friend said to me last night that made me giddy. "Don't let age stop you, if this is what you really want to do, go for it" and then he reassured me that im not that old, and its not a big deal.
What does a sports psychologist do? Well from what I can tell, that is a major part of it right there, help people gain the mental focus, edge and confidence to go for seemingly impopossible dreams in sports, or to overcome injury and mental obsticals to perform at their best level.

I am super excited for the direction my life is currently headed. For once, this feels like something I was born to do, and the universe is working for my benefit to make amazing things happen, so I can do what Im best at and help others make amazing things happen.

Im so stinkin excited! So much to do to make it happen, but it doesnt feel like a mountain to climb, it feels like wind beneath my wings, and im gonna soar.

Im no longer waiting, or trying to figure out what to do. What to do found me, when i was ready to go for it, and now im in turbo mode.