Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ferry Tales

It was a warm sunny Seattle summer day, I had just finished a large lunch complete with birthday cake in celebration of a Co-workers birthday.  I sat at my desk mindlessly typing on my keyboard and listening to a book on tape.

The book was a wonderful story, but nothing could hold my attention over the drowsiness that was over coming me, and defeating my every effort to stay awake. I started to drift off, when my phone vibrated, alerting me to news that jolted me out of my near slumber into full blown panic in less than a minute.

The Bainbridge ferry, the Tacoma has had a power failure mid route, and Bainbridge is now closed as a ferry route, Bremerton delayed, as they sent a boat to rescue the stranded passengers.

My heart sank. Minutes earlier I had dreamed of nothing more than avoiding all people as much as possible for the rest the day, getting home as quickly as possible, and watching highlights of the Commonwealth games while throwing tennis balls to my dog.

Now, however, I knew I would get home late tonight, if at all, and I'd be in a crowded ferry terminal, followed by probably a crowded ferry, with irate people wanting nothing more than to get home from work, eat dinner, and see their loved ones, before going to bed, probably early to make up for their frustration.

Surely, I thought, they will pull a second boat from somewhere. Surely they will be running things by the time I go home. Surely they won't put Bainbridge in a rush hour lurch.

The time came, and I went. One ferry was running again, and there were no more notifications about Bremerton being behind. Surely, it won't delay me more than an hour, I thought as I walked at a leisurely pace to the ferry.

I thought wrong. I arrived at the ferry terminal and saw State patrol and police tape blocking the walk-on exit area of the Bainbridge side of the ferry terminal. Maybe they are just keeping people from blocking the exit? I had no clue, but that was my only guess.

I walked into the terminal. Already the line was almost back out the door, but there were no indications that we should stand in the line, appart from the line, which we usually don't have we have a massing of people.

So I walked forward to investigate. The turn style area was roped off, with a limited number of people waiting casually in the area. My feet were hurting from my plantar faciaitis,  so I decided to take a seat for a while, and think.

It wasn't so bad yet, that I didn't believe everyone there at that time could be on the next ferry. Should I get in line for Bainbridge, or should I just head to Bremerton and try to get a ride from a friend?  I decided I'd better get in line while I thought, because people were starting to grow very hostile towards anyone not in the line, probably out of fear of people cutting in.

I joined the back of the queue, now only ten feet from the entrance door. I was there only five minutes when the announcement came that they would only take 600 people on the next ferry. 

I thought that meant walk ons, more from cars, but it still seemed like too great of chance I wouldn't make the cut, and people were starting to get mean, and my foot hurt. So I ditched the line and went for plan bremerton.

Soon after, I heard another announcement. One boat doing the whole run. That's one boat leaving seattle about every hour and twenty to fourth minutes. 600 total people. 300 from the cars, 300 from the walk ons. Pleas began to come over the intercom every ten minutes. Please remain orderly, if you're going to bremerton stay on your side of the terminal and away from the Bainbridge side.  Usually there is a ferry each half hour, taking 2500 passengers including cars. That was going to get even more ugly, as rush hour ferry traffic swelled the ranks of waiting stranded people.

I sat on the floor in a boarding area for bremerton. Guaranteed to be one of the first people on the next boat to come. I'd left work at 3:30. Already it was nearing 4:30, and some people were saying a ferry wasn't expected until 6, or 7 pm. I wasn't sure any more of my choice. I felt stranded either way, and tensions were building over here too. I used to commute on the Bremerton boat, I knew people could sometimes get vicious and territorial.

I wasn't used to seeing that on the Bainbridge boat, but circumstances made it clear those people were human too, and tempers were flailing before I defected lines. But I also knew of the bitterness and rivalry Bremerton commuters have, and the animosity they feel towards Bainbridge for the numerous times we've put them down a boat to cover our run. Bitterness and bad feelings run deep for Bremerton commuters towards Bainbridge commuters. Something most Bainbridge commuters are blissfully unaware of. I was not, but a man in front of me was, and was shooting off his mouth. I feared a fight could break out, and he was surrounded.

Well, the Bremerton boat made it by 5:04 pm. Just a half hour or so off schedual. minutes before we heard Bainbridge folk being encouraged to maintain order as the 600 boarded their vessel. A clue to the likely flailing tempers and disorder that were likely to build with each passing hour.

I boarded Bremerton with no incident. It was packed to the gills, and at one point they asked everyone to stay still while they counted passengers. There were a lot of people standing, or sitting on the floor, so doubtless we were over or at capacity.

But the atmosphere became friendly,  the hour ride passed quickly, and we arrived without incident. And I, will make it home tonight, about two hours late. Not what I wanted or dreamed of, but better than it could have been, or is for some of my friends, still stranded and waiting for Bainbridge transport. I won't get all I wanted, but, I'm happy to be home before 8 tonight. And that's today's true ferry tail.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My tendons, C/o the Boys and Girls Club

Why all field trips must always return to Kitsap during peak commuter hours is a mystery to me. Peak hours when the boat is already crowded, hot, and full of tired people that work all day. Peak hours when it's going to be easiest to loose track of your large group of young children,  or have them deranged some mentally unbalanced person, yeah, that seems like a good time to have your field trip return to its point of origin. PSYCH! its a totally stupid time. Yet they always choose it. Great time to jam turn styles with people who don't know how to scan their ticket.

I love kids,  and I love field trips for kids. Good idea. I just think you could better plan a time to take them home. My memory may be foggy, but at least in my school district, growing up, they planned for the bus to leave before rush hour.

But here I sit, on a ferry full of noisy children, and with tighter seating, also more noise than normal adults. We've all given up on the idea of our normal ferry nap. I'm writing a blog, others are getting to know a new friend.  I guess change can be a good thing. Spice of life right?

Well, I've decided to take this out on you with a blog post about my feet. I've noticed, I write better blogs when I'm angry, or even lightly enraged by some observation or other. I've felt too much peace in my life lately,  so I haven't had much to say. I still dont. I'm fine with the children, actually. They aren't bad kids. Today's selection is brought to you by the Boys and Girls Club of America. Good org, in my opinion.

So my tendons. I still have achillies tendonaitis, and plantar faciaitis. They suck. Don't ever get them. If you do, try to get to a physical therapist, they are far more helpful in treating it than my foot doctor is, or my regular doctor, who didn't even have a clue what was wrong.

Any way, it's getting better at a very steady rate. This pleases me. It's a very slow rate. This frustrates me. I ran out of P.T. visits and am now waiting for my insurance to approve three more. This is more frustrating than anything.

However, in the mean time, I just continue my strengthening and balance and flexibility improving exercises at home (and work) on my own. As well as a massage and ice regime.  I'm not very good at the massage part, and I'm missing the ice/electrode thing, and occasionally the ultrasound thing. Those helped a lot. That stupid metal scraper, that I don't miss at all.

Any way, I'd really just like my foot to finish healing. I have all these exercises and stretches to do, three times a day. Plus the ice and massage. The result of this is that my core and arms have been greatly neglected while my legs (im doing both legs even though I only have to do the injured one, because I want them to be balanced) Any way, my legs are pretty stellar looking right now, appart from how white they are.

So I really need my foot to heal, so that I have enough time and energy left to build my core and arms. I'm sure they are getting a little with the stuff I'm doing, but they really want more time.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I'm feeling good about my life, like I am deciding my own fate, for the first time ever. Maybe I'll talk more about that sometime, but it feels really good to own your own life and decisions, and not just live to meet what you think(or actually are) everyone else's expectations.  Happy wednesday. Time to get on a bus. With no field trip children :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Today, I was feeling all sorts of emotional, and needy. What was it I was needing? A hug would have been great. A REAL hug. not one of those "I'm afraid to connect to another human being in person" kind of hugs.

There is a lot of research out there showing how beneficial and super important it is for people to get so many good hugs in every day. I'm pretty lucky if I get even one.  Add to that the fact that my primary love language is touch, and actually I can get pretty drained and feeling needy quickly if I can't get a good hug fix. I read somewhere in one of those articles about how human beings need hugs, etc that there are some places even setting up hug clubs.  I'll tell you what, as long as the people aren't creepy, and they take a shower a few times a week, I'm in.

Too bad when your home teachers come over and ask what you need it would be inappropriate to say, well actually I really need a hug.  Visiting teachers can meet that roll. So that's good. Once a month, I can get an OK hug. Nope, not doing the job.

 Today was beyond hug club though. Probably because I've been in introvert mode full blast, and haven't really wanted to go to major social events lately, plus the emotional weird place I've been since a few blog posts ago, I kind of did that push people away thing again. Sorry, I just think you all will probably abandon me some day, with increasing likely hood the more honest, open and myself I am. I try to convince myself other wise, but, you know how it goes. Any way, I do have a few friends I haven't pushed out of my space. Some of them are really not into hugs though, and some of them live in Utah.

So here I am, depleted to levels beyond the rescue of Hug Club, well, maybe. I don't know. I don't even know where my local hug club is. Should I start one? would you join? I have reached a level of hug depletion so desperately low I am willing to organize one.

And I was feeling this way at work and all, so I reached out and started talking to one of my work friends in Utah about it. She was feeling the same way, but at that point we took it a level further, and decided someone needs to make a place called  Because sometimes, Like for me today, a hug club really probably isn't enough. Oh no, we've reached the NCO level here.  You've heard of a NCMO? Non Committal Make Out session?  it was a big deal in college, but never my thing.  But cuddling was. mmmm watching a Rom-Com and cuddling with a guy that was great. Loved the NCO. (non-committal cuddle out). I miss those days.  Today I could really Use a NCO.  I could use

 I don't want anyone to make out with. I'm not looking for a random hook up with a stranger. I just want someone to come over and hold me close while we laugh, and cry through a Romantic Comedy. Then they can go home and we can be done till next time. I mean, its great when a cuddle buddy is a friend, but that always gets complicated and they may think you want to date them. I think I previously stated where I am at in wanting to date, so that's not gonna work for me right now.  I still need a cuddle though. I'm still human, I need touch, its my love language. it makes me feel human, and loved, and helps me to love myself better. I know this is awkward,  but I'm just awkward, so deal with it.  Maybe you feel the same way? I don't know. I think a lot of my single friends do, whether or not they admit it.  One friend doesn't seem to feel that way, I started to tell her about,  and she was like, get a body pillow, hug your dog. and I was like, no dude, I need someone to hug me back! but she likes to cut off all feelings and emotions, and she doesn't like hugs.   so isn't for everyone.

 My other friend and I decided this song would make a  great theme song for though. Its perfect. Forget one night stands,  Sam Smith, all you really needed was  And this song, I think says perfectly what all us cuddlers are lacking. Its not love, we just need someone to hold us for a bit.

Well, after all that, I decided to come home and see if already exists. There is one, and only one site. the people on it seem kind of shady, so I will just continue my drought. But, I think they explain  perfectly what I was trying to say in their about page...  Well, I'm going to go repress my emotions now. Have a great night.