Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sweater Weather

Fall has fell, the air is crisper, the days are shorter, it's a wee bit colder. Sweater Weather is upon us, and for me that means my coat scale is going to jump from a 0/1 maybe to a 5, possibly over night.

Coat scale? You ask. What you don't have a coat scale? You don't wake up in the morning and say to yourself, oo, it's a bit nippy now, but it will be hot later, better call this one a level 4.2 on the coat scale? Well I do. And here is how it works:

0- no coat or jacket at all.

1- a zippy sweater or a light cloth jacket. Doesn't keep wind or water out, but adds warmth.

2- a rain poncho. I own one that says sea world on it. I'm looking for a new one, I'm not a fan any more.

3- a windbraker, or as I call it, a struke. It's a Lithuanian word for wind braker. Basically, it's like a 1, but made out of slightly wind /water resistant material. Pretty then, but nice on light rain/wind days.

4- leather/pleather jacket.

5- a hoodie with or without zipper.

6- thin, not very warm, fake p-coats. These are my go to fall coats. They generally don't cover my neck or chest, so time for a scarf. They are decently warm for fall, but you'll freeze in the winter.

7- my most beloved Irish coat. It's wind and water proof, it's the first thing on this list that has a hood. It's waist length, and it's pretty warm. It can handle rough fall/spring weather, and light to average Washington winter weather, such as ice rain conditions or light snow.

8- a heavy p-coat. Made of thicker wool and lining, and zipping up past my mouth, with an extra layer of buttons, going about knee length, this coat can handle snow, when used in conjunction with a hat, and scarf, and gloves.

9- my ski/ snow boarding coats. They are waste/mid upper thigh, and designed for snow days. But believe it or not, I have one better.

10- my Vera moda down coat, it's knee length and I bought it 10 years ago on my mission in lithuania. If it's cold, I bust this out. It kept me toasty in -40 degree weather that blew in from siberia, it kept me toasty in Logan with -29 and canyon winds, and it's kept me toasty in washington. Best investment EVER! I hope to use it for years to come.

So that's my coat scale. A 4.2 would be a leather jacket with a rain poncho under. That would look funny, it's more likely to be a 2.4, but, you never know maybe my clothes are wet and I wanted to keep the inside of my coat dry, or hide the sea world logo.

Today I am actually wearing a 6.1, without a scarf. Fall is upon us, but it's not hear till I'm wearing a scarf again. Hope you learned something new. Do you have a coat scale?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Me And My Little Dog

Tonight, as soon as I get home from work I need to be writing a research paper, but since the moment I woke up this morning a parody I have been making up has been stuck in my head. If I don't at least get my lyrics out there, that paper won't get done.
so, here it is to Rixtons Me and My Broken Heart, here is the lyrics to Me and My Little Dog. As well as the music video with the original song. So listen and sing along with my words all you dog owners and dog lovers.  

Chorus: All I need is my dog by my side, all I need when I'm scared and it's dark. He's little but his bites at least as big as his angry bark.

He's loyal and loves at all times, sticks with me when I'm falling apart. He's little, but he's mighty to protect me, and he's super smart. Yeah. 

Vs1: off like a shot gun, runs the dark and jumps up. Tear you apart and  then some, if you mess with his pack, oh, oh oh, me.

He tries to runaway sometimes. Tell him to stay, he complies, because of treats and love,  oh, oh, oh, oh.  It seems like I am loosing control. Why don't you fetch the ball that I throw....

Repeat chorus. 

Vs 2: maybe, someone comes by that hates me. They try to pillage or take me. They see my dog and run. Oh oh oh no. One time, started to cry 'bout that two time, player who broke my heart. 
 My dog, he comes and snuggles up. I'm sad or sick, he's the first to know. He comforts me when I feel alone.

Repeat chorus, change last line after he's mighty to protect me, me and my little dog.

Ending: ending: yeah, yeah, yeah. It's just me, just me, just me, me and my little dog.  Repeat chorus with change final timem

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oooo Child

This morning I write you from the Melissa Ann, the Vashon foot ferry. It's really funny how hard it is to not cry now.

Apparently I don't really cry at funerals when surrounded by other crying people, my tears tend to come out when no one else around me is crying, when I'm on a boat or at my desk, or when I'm all alone.

I came to Vashon to say goodbye to a very amazing and special person, who was a friend to anyone that ever met her. And though there was only one year of my life that I was ever around her to feel her influence, her influence was deep and strong enough that I knew I had to come out here.

I remember when I first met her, I kept thinking, and I'm sure I even told her once, that she reminded me of someone I knew, but I could never figure out who. Last night at the memorial service and I watched a slide show of pictures of her life, I had that same feeling. I kept thinking, you remind me of someone, someone I've known for years, who? Who do you remind me of? In the end, I determined she must just have reminded me of her.

Perhaps I knew her in the pre existance, perhaps I didnt. Perhaps she was just someone who had a big spirit that you instantly felt was your ali and friend.

It's never easy to say good bye to such a person, no matter how well you knew them, or didnt.

But as I sat there, unable to really cru amongst the crying, I just felt like, Enough already!! Enough of this people dying business, enough of this people going missing business, enough of people hating and misunderstanding eachother! Enough hiding our struggles and shutting eachother out. I've had enough. Life is short, and precious and the most precious thing in it is the people that surround us.

Why do we let politics, or differences divide us so much? Why do we let religion divide us? Why do we let little things come between us? Why can we spend more time trying to love and understand eachother and less time judging and pushing eachother?

The consensus last night, I would say, that the most amazing thing about my friend, was how she made everyone feel loved, and welcome. I hope I can be a bit more like that.  Its never  a successful way to bring someone to your line of thinking by making them feel judged or maligned for their differences, so why do we do that? Why do we think that's ever anything but destructive and hurtful to everyone involved?  Why can't we all just love eachother more, and show it?

Let's make today the day we go out and smile at a stranger, the day we reach out and love and understand eachother, the day we put judgements, and fear and hatred away and just help things be easier and brighter. 

I want to believe that song. That one I woke up with in my head. "Ooo child, things are gonna get easier, ooo child things will get brighter"