Monday, June 8, 2015

The Parable of the Puzzler

      Yesterday in sacrament, a young girl sat by me quietly working on a puzzel. At one point she started to struggle with a piece she couldn't figure out where it fit. Her mother prompted her to help. "straight goes with straight" she said, referring to the flat boarder piece that would match up against the flat outer wall of the puzzle book.

As she coninued, I realized that a puzzle would never work if all the pieces were "straight" pieces. As the girl continued, she was able to stick some pieces in where they didn't quite belong. They appeared to fit, almost, but the picture didn't work, and other pieces couldn't go to their proper place, because this one was in the way.

  This reminded me of life. Some people are straight pieces, some are completely jigsawed, and some are a mixture. Sometimes we try to fit into a place that we dont, and it causes us heart ache until we find our spot, and we do fit. God is the ultimate puzzler, and can always guide us to our correct fit and place, but sometimes, he let's his children direct those pieces. Sometimes on their own, sometimes with some prompting, and sometimes with intervention, because we aren't getting it, and we've tried for quite a while. He knows how to fit the pieces, but He wants us to learn the joy of learning how to make the pieces fit too.