Thursday, February 4, 2016

Friend Day, And My First Best Friend

Today, those of us with Facebook actively weaving its way through our lives, were given the chance to have a video montage of our friends. As I prepare for bed this evening, I realize not only did that montage only cover a small small fraction of the important people in my life, it completely missed my very first best friend. My brother, Skyler.  I have two brothers, and I love them both. Skizwyler, as we lovingly nicknamed him sometime in the late 80's.  was my best buddy from the time I was two.

 Ha ha, OK  it wasn't that instant. I actually may have hated him for coming along and stilling all my thunder with the parents for the first, I don't know, 6 months to a year. I was really mean. I destroyed all but one magically surviving baby picture, and I've been told I attempted fratricide by trying to push him out of his crib multiple times. Terrible twos, what can I say.  Any way, I am rather glad I failed, because he has always been the person in my family I can go to and talk about things, or I could just be myself around, and he still thought I was pretty cool.

 Today something else happened though, that made me think of my younger brother. On my commute home something else popped up in my Facebook feed. The death of my brothers hero. Dave Mira was a BMX biker. I spent countless hours with my brother watching him on the X games, watching my brother try not only to do the amazing tricks in the half pipe of this man, but also emulate his good spirit of reaching out to younger people to lift them up, to let them know they fit in, that they were welcome to the half pipe.

I remember the year I lived with my brother, after I graduated college. It was one of my favorite times, because we hadn't been able to see each other much when I was at school and we were on missions, and stuff. and my brother built a half pipe inside an old farm shed and dirt jumps with a launch off the top of that roof. I'm sorry, but someone does that, you know they are feeling inspired by their hero.  I remember one night we had a bon fire in the back yard and this skateboarder kid that was a little rough around the edges spent the night sleeping in the shed, and Skyler drove him home the next day.

 Today I called and  Skyler. We talked about about politics. we don't agree on who we think we are voting for, but its so rare you can be on opposite ends of the spectrum and still have a very peaceful and loving conversation but we did. We talked about that, and we talked about what a shock this death was. About how hero's are never supposed to die. not like this, not suicide at 41 when you are successful with a wife and kids. Not when you are still superman.  Hero's are human. and we have no idea why this happened. but my best friend's hero died today, and I think I'm as sad about it as my brother, because  Dave Mira is a part of who my brother is, his culture, his foundation, and I love my brother a lot, and I love the influence Dave  had on him, and in turn me.

 So all I want to say is, I guess, Dream big. Keep dreaming, and always have good hero's, because they inspire us to do things and to visions and heights we would never otherwise take. And also, never forget your first best friend, the one who may not have chosen you, but loves you like a sister or brother, because that is exactly what they are. call them sometimes, especially when their hero's die.  Because hero's aren't supposed to die, but when they do  you need a friend.

 may Dave Mira rest in peace, thank you for your contributions to me and my brothers, and really our whole neighborhood's lives, in our youth and very formative years.  All the love man.