Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pardon Me While I Fan Girl

Good evening my lovelies. I am writing you from the Bainbridge ferry. I have an hour and a half still until I am home for the night, and about 30 mins until we disembark this vessel.

Tonight I have decided that this stupid perma grin  on my face means it's time for me to share a very sacred experience with you all. I've been meaning for a while to blog about my days volunteering for the reign games. I've met the most amazing people, and had the most extraordinary experiences. But it's hard to share them because well...

I've been thinking a lot lately about it.  Ooo. Time out, this is perfect, someone is playing the sweetest violin  music on the ferry, while a camera flash lights up the blackness of the Sound before me.

Some of my friends have noticed my missionary like zeal for Reign games. What can I say, I am a former Mormon return missionary turned humanist that has always found life's deepest inspiration in sports. In Mormon terms, it's always where I have most "felt the spirit."

As my best friend has said, post Mormons are pretty much the same as their pre Mormon Selfs just they have to find a new way to direct their previous zeal and energy.

I always loved doing service projects, anything meaningful that put back into the community. I didn't necessarily love missionary work, but I did love when there was something meaningful to me that I could include someone else in, and they could appreciate and enjoy it with me.

That's the piece of me that hasn't change. I have season tickets, so I don't need to volunteer to go to these games. I do it, because I have found something deeply meaningful and inspiring to me in women's soccer. Strange that, for a former figure skater, I thought it would be curling.

But here we are, deeply in love with soccer, which has no intoxicating crisp ice smell. And since I have found, sort of this new "church" if you will, more a place to fill my empty energy bucket and find hope in humanity at regular intervals, naturally I'm gonna want to some how be a part of contributing my energy to that, in as many diverse ways as possible. So I volunteer. And I love it. And I share that love, and offer the opportunity to any of my friends that want to join in and experience a game with me. For it is something far better experienced together, shared.

Well, I think I'd better get on to tonight. Today I volunteered before the game. It was an excellent experience that I enjoyed as much as ever.  It included a small surprise, when Megan Rapinoes twin showed up next to the Reign retail shop where I was setting up, to set up her shop for the match. She was there for a good 20 mins talking to us and stuff.

I've had practice with this, keeping my fan girling internal when I volunteered for US nationals and sat next to Michelle Kwans family, before I patched Ice for Michelle Kwan. Or during the 2002 Olympics, when I took care of accreditation for Wayne Gretzki, Brooks and Dunn, etc.

I kept my fan girling inside. Head down focus on your work. Done. No problem.

Then my shift was over, my friends came and I was released to enjoy the match with them. They have a young daughter who is just getting in to soccer. My goal for the night was to make sure she had a great experience, and her parents, and that I cheered and we beat the thorns. All of that happened. It was great.

But also, because we were playing the thorns, I decided to do my hair into the Reign lady crown, and hair chalk the center silver, and the outside blue. And I did my war paint make up.

So at the end of the night,  I went down to the fan zone 100% focused on making sure that girl got a good spot for autographs, and helping them out. I stood three people back, and was just taking on an advisory roll. I was content with that tonight. Then Haley Kopmyer noticed me and my crazy hair, and shot a fist bump my way.

And then she walked away, and I lost my sh!t.  I've been fan girling ever since. Like... do I have a bucket list? I don't think that was on it, but you can cross out 10 other things for that one.

I usually keep my cool, but it's all gone tonight. I'm like... um... giddy. Weird.

Kops  is awesome, and fun, and inspiring. And I'm pretty please. And I was not even expecting that at all. I was in my this is my home, you are my guest, let me take care of you mode, and then I became the honored guest.

And words fail me, but that fuel is gonna go with me on a memorial hike tomorrow for a friend that died last year, and it's going to go with me  on all the stupid political crapy that comes out for weeks, and moving house, and all life's nonsense. My bucket is good and filled. Humanity, is alright. There is crap  in the world, but we will change it. Slowly, but steadily. It's all gonna be alright.

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