Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Motorcycles make me really happy

Today, as I was  preparing to "disembark" the ferry as a foot passenger, I looked down below me and saw a lone chopper at the front of the boat.  It made me sad, usually there are a lot of bikes all nestled together at the front of the boat. The owner of the bike soon came and started putting on his gloves and his helmet. He looked pretty cool. But I was sad to not see more motorcycles. Its a somewhat rainy day, but even in the winter there are more than one motorcyclist. I was puzzled as to where they had all gone.  There weren't as many pedal bikes as usual either, or so it seemed. 

 Then the boat started to dock, and the pedal bikes crawled out of the wood work , or would it be Iron work? of the boat.  Soon they had surrounded the motorcycle, somehow making him look far less cool. Perhaps it was all the spandex bicycle shorts?  

Then the boat tied off  and the motorcycle fired up. Suddenly he was not alone, crawling up from the spaces between the cars ( I don't know how that is possible, they are some pretty tight spaces) were a few more motorcycles. and the roar began to grow, and my heart began to leap, and a smile hit my face.  The ferry worker sent off the pedal bikes,  and it was tour De Bainbridge, and then when they had gotten a sizable lead, he cranked his hand like he was sending his own chopper out into the world and shouted "motorcycles." it wasn't like anyone could hear him on a motorcycle, but the lone front man, now surrounded by a handful of others and scooter saw the hand motion and took off.  As I watched them pull out off the boat like  the  Ferries Angles,  all I could think was one phrase  "That is so bad a**"  and it was. 

In a month I plan to take a motorcycle course, get my licence, and maybe in a year I can get a bike. I will borrow one when I go visit my family in Utah, and go on a ride with my pops. But as I looked down at that gang of bikes leaving the ferry, I felt that very soon, I would be a much bigger part of something very cool. Maybe one day, I will even drive my bike off the ferry when i see the signal flash. Until then, I am looking forward to my class, and to some rides with my dad.  This morning I talked about the class and motorcycles with my mom, she said it then and there "you are a girl after your dads heart" well, let it be written, let it be true, when it comes to motorcycles, yes, I am a daddy's girl. 

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