Friday, June 30, 2017

Introverting Hard Core: A Day In the MandCave

Wow! What a Pride month it's been! I don't think I have ever worked this consistently to stay visible, and vulnerable and open.

It was a great month and I really enjoyed my efforts and the difference that I saw them make.

As an introvert, this took my energy and just drained the life right out of it.  So I had to be careful to do consistent self care this month.

Pride hit me hard, especially the day after when I ended up as the covergirl for pride pics for the local news. Not to mention, one of my blog posts got over 600 views this month, and apparently all the Reign employees and fan club now know who I am. I usually just shout  my thoughts into the internet void. I expect close friends to hear  them, but when it goes beyond that, I'm a bit shocked and overwhelmed. I think my default is to expect to be invisible, unheard, and or rejected. Surprisingly, I'm much better at taking that then accepting love, acceptance, and being seen.

Wednesday night was a mid-week reign game, and I poured the very last dregs of my energy and my soul into it, being a flag waver with the Royal Guard, and screaming and dancing my guts  out.
When the sun rose yesterday morning, I was greatful I had taken the night off.

What did I do with this day off? I slept in. I slept until 8:30, woke up, showered, ate breakfast, and fell back asleep until noon. Then I watched unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and related to feeling like a "Mole girl"

Then some annoying arbourist  knocked on my door and I had to throw on some clothes and talk to another human.  Once he was gone I went out and weed wacked  my front yard, which made me feel less white trash. I did laundry and I made some greek food. I packed some more. Not a lot, but the rest of my books and movies.

Then I took an ice bath... is it as helpful if you take it a week after you first should have? I don't know, but I did discover if you sing when you get the coldest it nearly becomes relaxing.  Then I foam  rolled and did some light streching. My body was rested and primed to heal and recover, my house was in order, and I finished the night off with an English toffee pudding, a quick chat with a friend and some headspace meditation.

It wasn't my typical day of recovery, but I managed to mostly stay off social media, avoid anything that was emotionally draining, only talk to one real life human, and do everything necessary to optimize my environment to recharge me. I spend the entire day bunkered down in my house, my MandCave.  And it worked wonders.

I am now ready to face the final day of pride month, a busy and heavy Friday at work, a day of volunteering with the Reign, and taking a whole family through a first game experience, including the fan zone, and a Sunday memorial hike with friends, followed poulsbo's 3rd of July fire works and nickolai's freaking out as long as the fire works continue.

Never underestimate the power of self-care. As one of my mission presidents once said "you can't give anything to anyone else if you are running on an empty bucket. Fill your buckets!"

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