Sunday, July 16, 2017

Or Are We Dancers?

I will be the first to admit that I am best at enjoying things in the moment. After the moment passes, the second I start to get tired, I hate everything and I feel a bit depressed and I swear I'm gonna stop doing things that bring me joy in the moment.

Then I get some sleep, some alone time. I introvert, and then I'm right back at it.

After a long day of Volunteering and Soccering, I came home as tantrum throwing as any two year old, and completely miserable, because I'm completely exhausted. And then I caught myself, and I realized I was just tired. It was a pretty incredible and awesome day.

This morning I got up and started getting ready for the game. I couldn't decide what jersey to wear, so I jumped in the shower. When I got out, my mom had called. I called her back and we had a surprisingly long chat that started with soccer. She sent me a BYU shirt to have Ashley Hatch sign for her when they Reign play North Carolina.

It was a wonderful moment because my mom and I always shared a passion for sports, and we haven't really found that connection a whole lot for  few years now, but we talked for about 15 minutes about our superstitiousness with sports.  She tried to help me solve my jersey delima, a very superstitious problem.

And then it was time to go. I left a ferry early to get to the stadium on time. I was going to go to Mod  Pizza before volunteering, since they helped save my friend a month or two ago after a 5k. But when I got there I wasn't hungry, and the line was insane. I decided to go spend my hour before volunteering over by the fountain. It plays music and shoots water, and it's designed for people to play in, and it was a beautiful day.

As I selected my seat on the edge of the fountain. It was crowded, but it didn't take long for a bunch of possibly 16 year old guys to catch my attention.

One of them stood in third position (something I also randomly do when standing) on the edge waiting for the fountain to spray, and then he would run. I noticed his friends, their posture, the arch in their backs, and that butt thing that only happens with male figure skaters and ballet dancers. I recognized something about these kids that was familiar to me, and it brought me deep joy.

Soon they began to almost dance with the fountain, running to it, and from it doing the most extraordinary things with their feet.

The time came, and I had to leave. But before I went, I approached one of them and asked if they were dancers. He said yes, and I said 'I knew  it! I could  tell by your posture, I used to be a figure skater.'

Him and his friends got really excited about that, they had mad respect for figure skaters. It was really cool talking to these young men, who also thought my 10+ year old sun glasses were the coolest thing ever.

I left on a high, then I went and worked hard moving metal gates, and putting up soccer flags with my volunteer friends.

Eventually the game started, and it was a decent game even though the balls struggled to hit the back of the net. I've found that the thing I love most about a soccer game, is the same thing I loved about those boys at the fountain.

The most beautiful part of soccer for me is when it turns into a dance with a player (or two), a ball, and an opposing player (or two).

It happens every single game. One moment, sometimes twenty. It's like watching one of the most beautiful things on earth to see someone do things like that with their feet.

My favorite thing in figure skating to do was always jumps, but my favorite thing to watch is mad footwork. And I enjoyed doing a few mad footwork moves on ice as well. It was just so much work to get it, and harder to fall out of without getting hurt.

Thinking of all of this, I just think that the Killers asked the right question. Are we human? Or are we dancers?

To be human, is to dance. In whatever mode you employ it. Dance is human. Dance connects us. Dance elevates us. Dance brings out the most beautiful moments.

To rember to dance, to remember to see the dance, that is how I rember to see beauty when I am tired.

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